"Turkey and Israel are the only two countries in the region that have a democratic system. In 1947, Turkey was one of the first five countries to recognise the establishment of the state of Israel."
Turkish Defense Minister Turhan Tayan (Al-Wasat, May 26)
"In Sudan radical Islamists in Khartoum use slave raids as a weapon in their self-declared jihad on black Christians and animists in the south Arab militias storm African villages, shoot the men and capture the women and children."
American Anti-slavery Group research director Charles Jacobs (Boston Globe, July 8)
"One cannot help wondering why the world, which has just witnessed an outpouring of patriotic fervour among the Chinese over the return of a place which 156 years ago was just a barren rock, cannot better understand the depth of feeling many Jews have for the place their history began thousands of years ago."
former Israeli ambassador to the US Zalman Shoval, on Hebron (The Jerusalem Post, July 14)
"There is no doubt that the grassroots explosion--when it comes--will be great, and will cover a wide area of the region."

PA "Jerusalem Affairs Minister" Faisal Husseini, warning Israel not to go ahead with plans to renovate the area in front of Judaism's holiest site, the Western Wall (Arutz 7, July 17)

Sources: Israel & Global News, IMRA, Mideast Dispatch, Voice of Israel, Arutz 7, The Jerusalem Post
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