"The Syrian-Iranian relationship has never threatened anyone in the region. It has always been welcomed by all forces and circles that love peace, cooperation, and stability."
--Editorial (official Syrian party paper, Al-Ba'ath, Aug 7)
"We are certain that Allah will destroy the State of Israel, either through natural disasters, such as an earthquake, or at the hands of the Muslims, or both."
--Sheikh Hamed Bitawi, head of PA's Shar'ia law of appeals, Nablus
(Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, Jul 27)
"Arafat himself is one of the world's foremost terrorists. He knows it, we know it, and he knows that we know it. So what's he up to? Muddying the waters, that's what.... The [Jerusalem marketplace] massacre was, he said, nothing to do with him.
But where's the evidence the Israelis are trying to starve the Palestinians into submission? There isn't any. Where's the evidence the Israelis have a siege mentality against the Palestinians? Again, there isn't any. The truth is ... the Arab world has repeatedly tried to destroy the only democratic nation in the entire Middle East. If Arafat wants he can make a legitimate deal with the Israelis right now and end the so-called 'state terrorism' against his people. Yet instead he prefers to use his own people as pawns in his own cunning, devious game. It is Arafat himself, not the Israeli people, who is the enemy of the Palestinians."
--Editorial (Canada's Calgary Sun, Aug 12)
"[W]e do not receive instructions from the Israeli government."
--Jibril Rajoub, PA preventive security chief (Israel TV channel 1, Aug 3)
"No Palestinian will ever be extradited to Israel. A decision has been made to this effect, and it is inconceivable to think that such a thing would ever happen."
--PA "moderate" Hanan Ashwari, confirming the PA's intention to violate a key Oslo obligation (Voice of Palestine, quoted by Arutz 7, Aug 14)
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