"Israel reneged on agreements and now it's trying to allocate blame. They should patrol the streets better--it's their responsibility."

-- PA "Education Minister" Hanan Ashwari, commenting hours after four Israelis, including three young girls, were blown up in Jerusalem suicide bombing (BBC, Sept 4)

"If we immediately pull out of Lebanon, then Lebanon will move into the Galilee."

-- PM Netanyahu (Channel 2 TV, Sept 5)

"I have always regarded Oslo as a tragic mistake. To think that at that time Arafat was about to quit the scene forever. We were convinced that, after the grave errors committed by the PLO in supporting Saddam Hussein at the time of the Gulf War, his hours were numbered. Instead [former Labour leaders] Rabin and Peres salvaged him at the last moment by elevating him to the position of partner in this sham peace process."

-- Former Likud PM Yitzhak Shamir (Corriere della Sera, Sept 6)

"The naive notion that Arab hearts would be won by handing over most of the West Bank before breaking the news that Jerusalem was not about to be divided again has been exposed as cruelly self-deceptive. With every concession of land, Arafat has grown more insistent that Jerusalem must be his capital."

-- Commentator William Safire (New York Times, Sept 10)

"Why does America support settlements in Israel? Are the settlements not terrorism? And therefore, America is the chief of the terrorists. Oh Allah, destroy America ..."

-- The PA's Islamic mufti, Ikrama Sabri, in a Friday sermon at the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem (Voice of Palestine, Sept 12)

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