"On May 4, 1999 ... we have the right to declare our independent Palestinian state and we hope that it will happen according to our agreement between both of us".

-- Yasser Arafat, the day after signing the Wye Agreement (Reuters, October 24)

"This is the intention, this is the goal, and this is the policy."

-- PM Netanyahu, in reply to a question asking whether he could guarantee that no Jewish settlements would be evacuated or moved under the permanent status agreement with the Palestinians. (Arutz 7, November 1)

"Is there no Palestinian who can do what Khaled Islambouli did and say Arafat's presence on the face of this earth is shameful to the Palestinians and the Muslims?"

-- Hizb'Allah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, calling for Arafat to be killed for signing the Wye agreement with Israel.

Islambouli was the Egyptian who shot dead President Anwar Sadat in 1981, for signing a 1979 peace deal with Israel.

(Reuters, November 1).

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