"As a Christian, I do not know how God, if He were to come to earth, would divide the land over which there is dispute now."

-- US President Bill Clinton, addressing an Israel jubilee ceremony at the White House (The Jerusalem Post, April 28)

"The Oslo agreement is very important for the Palestinians since it is the only official agreed-upon document they have got. We have another document, a much older one … the Bible."

-- Infrastructure Minister Ariel Sharon, speaking at a

Washington symposium (Israeli & Global News, May 8)

"According to the plan, all national, democratic and Islamic forces and individuals will unite, at the end of the interim phase [in May 1999] and will prepare for the expected confrontation."

-- a senior Democratic Front official, outlining a Palestinian plan to declare a state despite Israeli opposition

(Al-Ayyam, May 1, translated by MEMRI)

"Israel's security needs naturally look different from the banks of the Potomac than from the banks of the Jordan."

-- PM Netanyahu, in an interview with Newsweek (Apr 20)

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