"... because of Yasser Arafat's tyrannical regime they [Palestinians] live without any democratic freedoms at all."
Palestinian writer Edward Said (New York Times, Jan 21)
"In our negotiations and our relations with our neighbours, we have to understand that trust should be proportional to the level of openness or democracy of these regimes."
Former Soviet dissident and Israeli Trade Minister Natan Sharansky (quoted in Wall Street Journal Europe, Jan 24)
"I can think of no other way to explain Netanyahu's behaviour during the [Hebron] negotiations except to say that he simply lost his will power to stand up for his convictions."
Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee chairman and Likud MK Uzi Landau (Arutz 7, Jan 28)
"The resistance of the Iranian nation has injected fresh blood into the dried veins of the Palestinian movement."
Iran's spiritual head Ayatollah Khamenei
(Tehran Radio, Jan 17)
"The timing of this declaration of an independent state will depend on progress in the peace process and the willingness of the international community to recognise that state. It is our decision."
PLO negotiator Nabil Sha'ath (MSNBC online chat, Jan 28)
"Judea and Samaria are the defence wall of our state, and we will strengthen the settlement in Hebron, Shilo and Jerusalem. "
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu (Yediot Ahronot, Jan 31)
"Many Israelis, in spite of all their rhetoric on Jerusalem being their 'eternal undivided Jewish capital' are beginning to realise that there has to be a compromise solution on Jerusalem, as history, nature, and life taught us that nothing is eternal, and that a lasting solution will have to be a fair solution, in natural terms nothing unfair will last."
PLO Authority Ministry of Information statement (Feb 3)
"We have no choice but to continue the job. It's hard, but I don't think I feel badly that I am returning to this outpost and not to a safer base somewhere within Israel; exactly the opposite."
Israeli soldier Assaf Rotenberg, speaking on Israel TV on January 31, after three of his friends were killed by a Hizb'Allah bomb in southern Lebanon.
Four days later, Rotenberg was among 73 soldiers killed in Israel's worst ever military accident.

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