"Fatah is a movement of blood sacrifice... Our people gave the world a chance, and unless the world takes this opportunity, violence and havoc will come."
- Senior Fatah official Othman Abu Gharbiya (Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 9). Fatah is Yasser Arafat's faction of the PLO.
"We view Hamas as part of the national and Islamic liberation movement …Outside [PA-ruled areas] …they can do as they wish. They can go to Jordan to carry out armed operations and they can also carry out such operations from Syria."
- PA Preventive Security Chief Jibril Rajoub (al-Jazira Television, May 27)
"Whomever has occupied part of Palestine or Jerusalem faces jihad until Judgment Day. Our destiny is jihad."
- Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, preaching at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque (Voice of Palestine, May 15)
"Our choice is the military option. We must put an end to the despicable negotiations. The time has come for jihad..."
- Shiekh Hamed Bitawi, head of the PA's Sharia Court of Appeals in Nablus. (Al-Jazira Television, May 14)
"If [Palestinians] do not regain their full rights and an independent state, we will not let anyone in the region live in peace ..."
- Arafat aide Nabil Abu Rdainah (Al-Ahram, May 12)
"[Israel and the PA] shall seek to foster mutual understanding and tolerance and shall accordingly abstain from incitement, including hostile propaganda, against each other."
- Article XX11, Oslo II agreement, signed on September 28, 1995 by Israel and the PLO.
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