"We made peace with Israel within the borders of 1967—and not with the settlers. We make our peace with the settlers if they build their settlements within Israel in the boundaries of 1967; there they can build as much as they want. But we cannot accept Israeli settlers in the few areas west of their own nation."

— Yasser Arafat, interviewed by Die Welt (June 8)

"… [B]oth east and west Jerusalem are waqf … not only Jerusalem but rather all of Palestine is Islamic waqf … from a religious standpoint, it is not accepted that waqf be owned by non-Muslims."

— Arafat's appointed Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, interviewed by IMRA (June 10)

"... The Al-Buraq [Wailing] Wall belongs to the Muslims alone. This is not my personal view, but rather, that of Islam."

— Sheikh Sabri (Voice of Palestine, June 12, translated by MEMRI). The Wailing or Western Wall, a Herodian retaining wall of the Temple Mount, predates the birth of Islam by several centuries.

"In the early morning of the fifth of May 1999, I think we should declare our own Palestinian state."

— Palestinian Legislative Council speaker Ahmed Qureia

(The Associated Press, June 14)

"The failed attempt to achieve peace made us realise that the only way to solve the Palestinian problem in a just and comprehensive manner is to implement the PLO's covenant ... meaning a return to the armed struggle, which is the only language the Israelis understand … the Palestinian people are ready for war."

— Palestinian Legislative Council secretary-general Ruhi Fatuh (Al-Ayyam, June 12, translation by MEMRI)

"According to legislation, the fate of all traitors is death and it is the right of any state to defend its land—meaning that the Palestinian Authority and people are entitled to defend their land and to prohibit land procurers from selling land [to Jews] … the extermination of land dealers should be conducted lawfully. They must be tried and sentenced to death …"

— Israeli Arab Knesset member Abd Al-Wahab Al-Darawshe (Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, June 27)

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