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Christian Action for Israel

The False Prophet


The False Prophet The False Prophet, and out of that same Euphrates Valley came his followers, the final adversaries of the Church and Israel. They are the radical Islamic countries of the Middle East and the murderous terrorists they support. "Three unclean spirits like frogs," is what the Bible calls them. These anti-Christian Muslim states are the Leopard-Bear-Lion Beast we read about in Revelation 16:13 - and the malignant influence of that devilish trident can be felt over all the world as they gather the kings of the earth together "to the battle of the great day of God Almighty."

If there is one book beside the Bible that today's Christians ought to read, this is it! The False Prophet explains the scriptural reasons for our escalating troubles in the Middle East.

Some of this book will be familiar to those who have read Sozo, Hidden Beast or Daniel is Out of Order. However, this book centers on identifying Revelation's False Prophet and his supporters. Of necessity, there are still chapters on the "Time of the Gentiles," day=years, time-times, and so on.

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for their generous donation of copies of "The False Prophet" !
VISATo purchase this book using your VISA, please make a minimum $10 donation per copy using our secure form, and using the "Enter any comments and/or additional information in the space below:" section, indicate you wish to receive a copy (or copies) of
The False Prophet.

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Oakville, Ontario
Canada L6J 7R4

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Jerusalem !
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