Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Land ?

Whose "Promised Land"?

Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator
March 25, 2000

It would appear that the casual use of the expression "The Promised Land" has lost its meaning to those who would undo that Promise.

Perhaps you will recall that G-d Promised the Land first to Avraham and the Jewish People and then conveyed that promise to Moses. There were no qualifications in fine print. G-d made a Promise within His unbreakable Covenant with the Jewish people which did not mention Rome, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, France, England, America or any other country or people.

Now, with arrogance and evil intent, the nations of the world come to inform the Jewish people and G-d that they, the nations, have the right to add a codicil or addendum to G-d's Contract (Covenant) with the Jewish people.

The Pope came to Mount Nebo, purportedly the place where Moses stood to view the Land of Israel promised to him for the Jewish People by G-d for the unending generations of the Jewish people. There seems to be no embarrassment as all the media call Israel the "Promised Land", completely ignoring to whom it was unequivocally promised.

Certainly the Land was not promised to the arch terrorists Yassir Arafat or Hafez al Assad and the Arabs who continue to teach hatred of the Jewish people. But, this coalition of evil intent converges on what they call "The Promised Land" to first dilute the Jewish claim to the Land, no doubt to be followed by total ethnic cleansing. Do you not find it puzzling that the Arab nations who cover millions of square miles and possess untold oil wealth, hunger for that minuscule strip of land called Israel?

We appreciate the words of peace coming from a frail old man but the divided message that Jerusalem does not belong to the Jews is unacceptable.

Those millions of true Bible believing Christians who support Israel's primary claim to "The Promised Land" will not be offended by the word 'evil'. They know what was Promised and to whom. Those who would deny that Promise by war, terror or this false 'Process' called 'peace' have brought evil into the world by trying to undo G-d's Authority and Judgement.

"Pope John Paul II gazed toward Israel today, March 20, from Mount Nebo, where the Bible says G-d showed Moses The Promised Land. As he landed in Amman Jordan, he claimed that "In this area of the world there are grave issues and urgent issues of justice, of the rights of peoples and nations which have to be resolved for the good of all concerned...for the "displaced people in your midst," a reference to Palestinian refugees." (1) These are 'code-words' for 'take The Promised Land of Israel away from the Jews and give it to the Arabs'. These 'code-words' are well-known by those who closely follow the war waged by the world against Israel. If the Pope (and the nations) said, "There will be peace if we follow G-d's Word, and leave The Promised Land to the people to whom He Promised it" - then indeed there would be a true, just and lasting peace.

Surely, Hell must have opened its portals as we hear that President Clinton will meet with Hafez al Assad of Syria on Sunday March 26 to discuss the future of Israel. We have watched the gatherings of evil as they converge to lay their spurious claims to Jerusalem, presumably to entrap G-d in His dwelling place on earth. Why else through centuries of conquest have the Christians built churches on the Temple Mount, the Holy of Holies? Why then would the Muslims come to kill the Christians and build mosques, also on the Temple Mount and over the ruins of the Christian churches? Whoever was in power - each denied freedom of worship to the other, while both refused it to the Jews. Are these peace-makers? I think not.

Countless invaders, weighed down by their earthbound minds, came to the Holy City of Jerusalem, with extreme prejudice, to capture her stones, plunder the Holy Articles from King Solomon's Holy Temple that the Jews used to serve G-d. Can we ignore the carved frieze depicting roman conquerors, carrying the Holy Menorah, booty from the desecrated Jewish Temple back to the "Holy" Roman Empire treasury where it was entombed in its vaults.

These aggressive conquerors believed that, if they captured the Holy Temple and its artifacts, they would firmly establish their claim to be the true representatives of G-d on earth. How does one actually go about capturing G-d and then binding Him to your wishes? The answer is, they could not, with all of the invaders and their nations, eventually becoming extinct.

Once again they came, first laying siege and, failing that, joining forces with other countries - Muslim and Christian - claiming entrance into the City of Jerusalem under a false banner of 'peace'. Was there ever a more unholy cabal than institutional Christianity and Islam, the quintessential Amalekites, joining forces to command G-d's Recognition? They do not come to worship peacefully at His Holy Mountain as they claim. They come with guile, backed by force, to demand that G-d bow to them. They come to tell G-d that he has made a 'clerical' error and it is their names which should be affixed to the Covenant - not the Jews.

Was there ever such an arrogant, cursed rabble who come to attempt to finish killing G-d's Chosen servants? To be sure, they have found allies among some Jews who are willing to lick the boots of these would-be conquerors and play the role of infamous court Jews. No doubt, they will be dealt with as were the worshipers of the Golden Calf. Moses gave the Jewish people a choice at Sinai - to join Moses in accepting G-d's Commandments or remain with those who worshiped the golden idol. That choice is once again being offered to the nations and the Jewish people. You will recall, those who worshiped the beast were slain by G-d.

Muslim/Arab terrorists and Muslim/Arab countries' armies have been in a constant state of war with the Jews ever since the Jews returned to their Promised Land. The Jews are tired of fighting off the Arabs while losing their sons and daughters to their assaults. That is natural but, giving up G-d's Land, Promised to them, will not appease the conquerors. It is merely an invitation to war consistent with shrinking the tiny country of Israel until she appears weak enough to overpower. The Muslims and Christians (or rather the UN-Christians) believe they need to displace the Jews in order to eliminate any Jewish claim to G-d's Covenant so that they can claim that Covenant and to be G-d's Chosen.

Displacing the Jews from their Promised Land is not the way to win G-d's favor. Ever since the Jews returned to the Land G-d Promised to them, they have welcomed Christians and Muslims equally to freely worship in their own churches and mosques. They have even passed formal laws, insuring free unimpeded passage for those who come in Peace. Arafat and the Palestinians have already demonstrated and announced that they have no intention of allowing the Christians free passage into areas over which they have control.

The Pope has tried to negotiate a document with Arafat which states that Christian holy places under the Palestinians will not be taken over by the Palestinian Authority. This already indicates that the Pope knows exactly what will happen under Muslim control. The churches and shrines of Jerusalem have never enjoyed such freedom as they have under the Jews. But, clearly, that was not enough. The Christians want the City internationalized, with joint ownership, insuring the freedom of worship which they, in fact, already have.

What is really being said is that neither the Church of Rome nor the Muslims whose holy center is in Mecca, want the Jews to have the symbols of a people made whole in their own Land and in the capital chosen by G-d for them. Because the Jews have the City, therefore, Rome and Islam want it.

The Palestinians have already stated that, when they get full control of Israel's second most holy city of Hebron and the burial caves of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah, no Jew will be allowed in to pray. Think of that - The father of the Jewish people has been claimed as a Muslim. Just as Jerusalem suddenly became Islam's third holiest city in 1967 after it was re-united, the Tomb of the Patriarchs was turned into a mosque and the Jews will be locked out as they were before when the Machpela was under Muslim rule. Jerusalem will suffer the same fate if she is ever allowed into the hands of a people who recreates history to suit their own purposes. Regrettably, the Church of Rome knows this but, because it also suits them, they accept and perpetuate the Big Lie.

G-d will not welcome killers and liars into His Courtyards of Heaven. As is said: "I will cleanse the nations of their wrongdoings, but for the shedding of Jewish blood I will not cleanse them; the Lord dwells in Zion." (2)

1. "Pope Begins His Holy Land Pilgrimage in Jordan: Prays at Site Looking to Promised Land" by Alessandra Stanley NEW YORK TIMES 3/21/2000

2. Joel 4:23

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