Thou who buildest Zion and Jerusalem
Take pleasure in Thy land
And bestow upon it of Thy goodness
And Thy grace.

Give dew for a blessing
And cause beneficent rains
To fall in their season,
To satiate the mountains of Israel
And her valleys,
And to water thereon
Every plant and tree.
And these saplings
Which we plant before thee this day,

Make deep their roots
And wide their crown,
That they may blossom forth in grace
Amongst all the trees in Israel,
For good and for beauty.

And strengthen the hands
Of all our brethren,
Who toil to revive the sacred soil
And make fruitful its wastes.
Bless, 0 Lord, their might,
And may the work of their hands
Find favour before Thee.

Look down from Thy holy habitation,
From heaven,
And bless this land
That it may flow again
With milk and honey.


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