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February 2002         

A Palestinian State:
The Ultimate Poison Pill

by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator
February 1, 2002
GAMLA Poster A Palestinian State would be a mirror image of what Yassir Arafat created in Lebanon: a fully-fledged terrorist mini-state in the heart of Lebanon. Every refugee camp was used as an outpost, with weapons and munitions storage even in residential buildings, hospitals and schools so as to use civilians as human shields. Every corner controlled by Arafat’s PLO was a tariff collection point for anyone passing by on foot or car. G-d help you if you couldn’t pay the ransom.

Arafat’s record has been remarkably consistent in terms of breaking agreements - there has never been an agreement that he didn’t break. Against all the Oslo Peace Accords, he incites the Palestinians to ‘Jihad’ (Islamic Holy War). January 26th, he addressed a Hebron delegation shouting: “Jihad! Jihad! Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!” (1)

January 29th, addressing supporters in Ramallah he said he is confident the Palestinians would soon have an independent state. “Victory is coming whether the Israelis like it or not,” he said. “It is a gift from G-d to be her fighting for our holy places and bring victory for all Arabs and Muslims.” (2)

Arafat has been collaborating with other terrorist nations and organizations -as proven by buying weapons from Iran on the Karnine - A; and the building of attack armories - all of which predict the future of a fully militarized Palestinian State in Israel’s heartland.

The Israeli people, particularly her government so-called leaders are still suffering what the Americans called their own “Vietnam Syndrome” which they have just now overcome due to September 11th. In Israel this could be called the “Rabin Syndrome” which has saturated the minds of the Jewish people, where the people refused to speak openly and aggressively about Arafat’s terrorism. There is a fear to speak out and demand harsh response to a condition which equals war but - not called war. The Israeli people, guided by the Oslo Left, have allowed their fighting spirit to be crushed by promises of peace which has not materialized.

The Left, while slowly backing away from Arafat, nevertheless, wishes to save themselves from the mark of Cain by pretending Oslo is still operative. The Left who created the abortive Oslo refuses to apologize for the vast graveyard of murdered Jews for which they are responsible - along with their ally, Yassir Arafat.

A conspiracy to resurrect Oslo and with that a Palestinian State, once swallowed, will poison the body of Israel. Even the most flagrant, misguided member of the Oslo Gang could not say with any certainty that a Palestinian State would be “Demilitarized”.

Both the Americans and the European nations know beyond doubt that it is virtually impossible to demilitarize a Palestinian State - given the fact that even now, despite all the restrictions of Oslo, the Palestinians have a heavy inventory of modern arms.

However, regrettably, even with this knowledge in hand, the Europeans - with no particular fondness for Islam and the Arabs - nevertheless, expose their anti-Jewish bias by demanding a Palestinian State that they know will, in time, destroy the Jewish nation of Israel.

In every place that Arafat and his Palestinian have nested, they have accumulated an armory of weapons selected for aggressive warfare. Especially, in Jordan before King Hussein drove them out on Black September 1970 and in Lebanon where Arafat ran a 12 year Civil War that killed 100,000 Muslims and Christians - where he stocked cave after cave with so much munitions, it took hundreds of truck-loads to empty.

Now, in the areas of Israel’s heartland which Rabin, Peres and Beilin turned over to Arafat, weapons are smuggled in from Egypt by tunnel and sea (with Mubarak’s knowledge), from Jordan, from Syria, Iran and Iraq via sea to Gaza. The Karine-A was only one shipment which demonstrates the quantity and quality of the incoming weapons and the effectiveness of the smuggling operation. If that wasn’t bad enough now with the technological aid of Iran and Syria, Arafat’s Palestinian Authority has been building Kassem missiles (recently photographed) with an 8 km. range.

So once again, the mini-Terror State Arafat has established with the Palestinian Authority, enabling their stockpiling of armaments by the ton and in high quality - most of which is buried in bunkers or weapons’ depots, awaiting the call for the Big War. This, of course, duplicates Bin Laden’s al Qaeda preparations with cave-stored weapons presently being tracked down by U.S. forces and destroyed. In the meantime Arafat’s trained killers and suicide bombers easily move with impunity into the heart of Israel’s cities to commit their atrocities and escape back to their cities. No fence will prevent that.

The Europeans and the United Nations bitterly complain about Israel targeting those Palestinians who plan the attacks. They remain remarkably silent as America correctly moves with strength against terrorists with devastating effectiveness.

Regrettably, the Sharon Government still does not take off the gloves to fight with bare knuckles. Instead, in an attempt to appease the Americans and Europeans, like Barak, Sharon shoots at evacuated buildings. Sharon is fighting a weak holding action even as Arabs infiltrate Israeli cities to blow up her citizens. Even with this show of restraint, Sharon receives only condemnation from the E.U. and the U.N.

A Palestinian State created in the usual model endemic to Arab dictators, will be an exact replica of Saddam’s Iraq, Khameni’s Iran, Bashar Assad’s Syria and Arafat’s reign in Lebanon now being repeated in Gaza. They will go from being well-armed to being super-armed in a brief period of time.

In the interim, the Left will bleat and mewl that, if only Arafat or his replacement will be given another chance, peace is just over the horizon. Unfortunately, it will be a rolling horizon as more and more attacks will occur with more and better quality weaponry. The weapons themselves incite the killers to violence. There is no way that the macho Arab male could resist using such weapons - just because they are there.

Perhaps the Arab idea of a Human Shield can similarly work for Israel. Let us put Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, Yossi Sarid, Ron Pundak, with all of the Leftist politicians, professors and media on the front line. Surely, Arafat would not order his Tanzim/Fatah/Hamas/Islamic Jihad/PA Police to shoot through his friends and fellow partners.

A Palestinian State will be the centerpiece of Terror in a deadly necklace of nations stretching across the Arab/Muslim States from Algeria, connecting Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the Muslim states spun off of Mother Russia, e.g. Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Turkmenistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, etc.

The contiguous linkage will be a deadly combination which then will likely try to push Israel into the sea.

Should a Palestinian State actually come into being it is a certainty that they will continue a war presently called an ‘Intifada’. The Sharon government should have long ago put it into the category of war and called it by that name. In any case, after a Palestinian State is declared and continues its attacks as pledged, Israel would likely be forced to take full military action. This would probably be followed by the E.U.’s (European Union) assembly what would be called a mini-NATO (not connected to NATO) and try to enforce its will on Israel via military means. Israel would, of course, refuse re-occupation by the British, French and Germans and a World War would ensue.

Dear Reader, don’t think that possibility is far fetched. The E.U. is wholly Arabist, both for the oil and their history ‘vis a vis’ the Jewish people. This would also be an opportunity to actually pull together a fighting force, using Israel as the practice battlefield.

Regardless, Israel can fulfill the death wish foisted upon it by the Leftists of Oslo by establishing a Palestinian State. It will be a Poison Pill which, once swallowed, will end the Third Temple.

Or not.

1. “Arafat Addresses Hebron Delegation: People Opt for ‘Jihad’” Gaza Palestine Satellite Channel TV in Arabic, January 26, 2002
2.“Arafat Orders Fatah to Register Their Weapons” by Lamia Lahoud JERUSALEM POST January 30, 2002

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