September/October 2000

Support Israel, not PLO's war on Judaism!!

Dear Mr. President:

Your administration has advocated that Israel make horrifying compromises in Jerusalem and surrender much of it to the terrorists in the PLO. Before your administration continues such advocacy, I think you should consider what the PLO has done with the territory and authority it has already received.

About three weeks ago Jews all over the world commemorated the destruction of the first and second Temples in Jerusalem. This day is marked on the Hebrew calendar as Tisha b'Av, or the ninth day of the month of Av. It has been a day of fasting and prayer for the Jewish people for nearly two thousand years, if not more. When Jews wished to go on to the Temple mount this past Tisha b'Av, the PLO prevented them from doing so. Their reason was quite revealing.

The PLO terrorists were concerned that since this was a day of intense Jewish prayer and fasting, one of the Jews while visiting the Temple Mount might utter a prayer. This possibility was so horrifying to the PLO, that they stopped any Jew from visiting any part of the Mount that day. What is more revealing is that this is an every day occurrence. Whenever the PLO decides to let some Jews visit any portion of the Temple Mount--on any day of the year--there are PLO authorities who follow such Jews and carefully watch their mouths. They are looking to see if the Jewish lips move in prayer. If these Jews even twitch suspiciously, the PLO accuses them of praying and has them arrested. This has happened repeatedly in the recent and distant past, and is the PLO's current official policy.

How can your administration keep sending hundreds of millions of dollars each year to the PLO under such circumstances? Has the US, under your administration, become an ally of such persecution of Jewish prayer? How can you urge Israel to give the PLO more control in Jerusalem? Do you find America's interests advanced if there are more places in Jerusalem where Jews are forbidden to pray?

Please stop your administration's support for the PLO's war on Judaism. Instead please support Israel's right to undivided sovereignty in its Biblical and historical capital of Jerusalem, and in its Biblical and historical homeland of Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights.


Send To: President@whitehouse.gov
VIPAC, in existence since 1997, is a group of many hundreds of people from all across America and all around the world--of many races and religions--who have joined together for one purpose: to petition the US government for a policy that is more supportive of Israel's security, historical and Biblical claims in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights.
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