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The United Nations and Israel

United Nations Perfidy... No Surprises

by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The United Nations officials at the highest level have finally admitted that for nine months they have had a videotape of the kidnaping of the 3 Israeli soldiers by Hezb’Allah terrorists. Those soldiers are St. Sgts. Binyamin Avraham and Omar Sawayid and Sgt. Adi Avitan. The U.N. had it; they kept it secret; and, in effect, they became knowledgeable co-conspirators to the crime. They knowingly chose to protect the identity of the Hezb’Allah terrorists. U.N.I.F.I.L. may now be an organic part of not only the kidnaping but subsequent torture and perhaps murder of the 3 Israeli soldiers. And the U.N.’s pro-Arab position on the kidnaping also makes them culpable in the kidnaping of the civilian, Ehud Tannenbaum - plus any future such crimes.

When at first asked about the videotape, the U.N., including U.N. Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan, denied they had such a tape. The denial went on for a long time after the existence of the tape became known.

A spokesman for the U.N., Jean Marie Guehenno, U.N. undersecretary-general for peacekeeping, told the Reuters News Agency: "The video does not shed light on the circumstances of the abduction or the state of the abductees".

He said: "The U.N. wanted to hide the identities of the ‘guerillas’ seen in the tape to assure the confidentiality of its internal documents and protect U.N. personnel".

Any prosecuting attorney would have had most of those senior U.N. personnel not only ejected from office but facing jail terms for hiding evidence in what might be a capital crime.

The U.N. now says they will turn the tapes over to the Israeli authorities with the faces of the terrorists erased.

That the U.N. is a biased organization that operates under the control of hostile Arab influence, of that there is no doubt.

Over the years, the United Nations have an overwhelming bias against its member nation, Israel. Their votes to condemn Israel at the behest of the Arab nations are voluminous.

In the field the very points where U.N. troops were posted to keep the peace between Israel and Lebanon, became the open gate of choice for Hezb’Allah and other terrorists to attack Israel. The U.N. troops not only didn’t attempt to stop or interfere with the Hezb’Allah’s mission of terror, but they actually allowed terrorists to launch rockets nearby their own U.N. positions. They ‘assumed’ Israel would not return fire near a U.N. position. Maybe the time has finally come for Israel to put that humane consideration aside in the interests of Israel’s own self-defense.

The illegal retention of the videos (there may be more than one) of the kidnapings spells out the fact that the United Nations harbors and protects terrorists and terrorist nations. Those tapes showing the faces of the Hezb’Allah kidnappers could have assisted the Israelis in recovering their soldiers .

But, the U.N. chose to hide the identities of those Hezb’Allah kidnappers which could have led back to the commanders of the Hezb’Allah unit and possibly to their location.

This is not merely an oversight but a crime by the same institution that was formed to keep the peace. However, they have proven themselves to be merely a conglomeration of nations who cower behind terrorists and cover their own bias within the supposedly neutral and fair international forum of the United Nations.

As a conglomeration of nations, many of them would have known about the tapes and chose to join the conspiracy of hiding evidence. The French, the Russians, the U.S., the Indians...who else? This is reminiscent of the tape recording of Yassir Arafat giving orders to his Force 17 in Khartoum, Sudan, 1971 to kill the American Ambassador Cleo Noél, Jr., his aide, George Moore and the French charges des affaires, Guy Eid. This tape was similarly buried by the U.S. State Department and American Intelligence Agencies because it would have demonstrated that their choice to back, Arafat, was, indeed, a killer.

Being accused and actually caught as a co-conspirators to a crime destroys the credibility of this world organization and impugns the integrity of those nations who knew.

This wasn’t a matter of misjudgement on the part of middle management. This was a global cover-up that went straight to the top, Kofi Annan’s denials notwithstanding. Although he was just re-elected for another five year term as Secretary-General of the United Nations, he should resign immediately or be forced out.

Moreover, an investigation should be undertaken to review past decisions and events which may have been deliberately distorted by U.N. personnel.

As for sending international monitors (who would probably be the U.N. again) to insure the peace between Israel and the Palestinians, the U.N. have proven that they cannot be trusted.

    Source: IMRA

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