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August 2001         

Let the People Win

By Uri Dan - August 16, 2001
The cruel war imposed by Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority on the Jews in Israel is not only the war of the IDF, the General Security Service, the Border Police, or the police. It is mainly a war of the entire people. Therefore, the slogan "Let the IDF win" is out of date. It should be replaced by "Let the people win."

In the 11th month of the war, it is obvious to most Jews that Arafat's envoys of death do not stop short of murdering women and children in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Netanya, Hadera, Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip. All Jews in Israel have become targets of this terror, the aim of which is to force Israel to yield to the demands of Arafat and his gang.

Very few peoples in democratic countries would be capable of taking such a unified, steadfast stand in the face of such a bestial war as the people in the Jewish state. It is unlike Basque terrorism - the Basques never threatened to destroy Spain. It is also unlike Irish terrorism, which never threatened to destroy England. (Take note, new historian Shimon Peres.)

Peres yesterday hurried to Israel Radio to boast of how he singlehandedly prevented Beit Jala's occupation by the IDF - an operation planned to defend Gilo.

The Palestinian terrorism that feeds and is fed in turn by Nazi-like incitement against Israel is aimed at breaking down and destroying the people and the state. It has made a mockery of self-appointed experts who contended that this terrorism "does not present a strategic threat." It is now aimed at just that - threatening Israel's very existence - as Arafat attempts to drag the Arab countries into a disastrous war with Israel.

Consequently, the unified stand of the majority of the nation against the suicide bombers and all the other forms of murder resembles a human wall, like the one Jews build at times of crisis - before the state was established, during the 1948 War of Independence, and during the 1967 Six Day War.

This human wall of the majority of the nation against Arafat and his gangs, reflected not only in opinion polls but also in day-to-day behavior, forms the basis for the Jews' great chance of defeating their enemies once again.

If logical compromise were possible with the Palestinians, who are adhering to the law of the jungle of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, it would not be necessary to talk about the need to defeat the enemy. However, Arafat has made the historical and personal mistake of his life.

War criminal Arafat and his armed bands have simply forced the Jews into taking up arms and winning once again. They leave the Jews with no alternative. The suicide bombers dispatched by Arafat are bringing home to every Jew a clear ultimatum: Us or them.

Obviously it's going to be us. With great pain and suffering, with superhuman effort, let the people win.

So, you out there, stop pretending that Arafat is ready to agree to a cease-fire and to come to a political agreement. Ask former prime minister Ehud Barak - he learned this lesson the hard way.

You out there, stop saying that whatever steps the Jews take to defend themselves are no good: Don't send IDF forces into the Gaza Strip, or bomb Nablus with F-16s, or wipe out the suicide bombers and their operators. Why have Arafat's representatives been expelled from Orient House and Abu Dis? Don't even mention the Temple Mount during a visit to Ankara. It's really a scandal. Why did the IDF attack Jenin? Stop the IDF before it reaches Beit Jala, in order to promote the Peres-Ben-Eliezer alliance in the Labor Party primary.

You out there, you third-rate apparatchiks, journalists, radio and TV announcers, and commentators, you miserable chatterboxes who can't see past the end of your noses, stop frightening the Jews with talk about "international pressure" and "hostile world opinion." These same announcers cry, "There was a lot of sympathy for Israel after the slaughter in Jerusalem, but it vanished when the government decided to take over Orient House." Did you want us to garner unlimited "sympathy" as we dig more and more graves, and at the expense of Gilo's 50,000 Jewish residents? You out there, you prophets of surrender, stop undermining the morale of the nation at a time of war, and stop playing (intentionally or unintentionally) into the enemy's hands.

But even if you don't stop, if you blindly continue your dangerous games, the outcome of the decisive campaign is already evident. It would be a pity to be remembered as hindering Jewish efforts at self-defense.

Let the people win. They'll win even without your help.

©2001 - Jerusalem Post

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