July/August 2000

Israel Needs a Real Peace Partner

Dear Sir:

I urge you to support Israel. One can only make peace with an enemy that desires peace. The Arabs are not ready to make peace with Israel.

The situation on Israel's northern border is quite worrisome. Israel evacuated a strip of Lebanon it held for twenty years in order to provide security for its citizens who live in the north. One would hope that the Lebanese government would move in and take control over their territory. However, that has not happened. The Lebanese know that they cannot control their own Arab terrorists. The Lebanese government has refrained from moving into this "free " territory because it does not want to bear the responsibility for any terrorist acts coming from there. Is this a reaction to be expected from a people that desire peace?

What is the reaction of Israeli civilians? In light of these threats to the safety of local Jewish civilians, farmers along the northern border have begun to carry ammunition while working on their fields. A report in the Israeli press quoted the head of a local farmers organization as saying that contrary to public reports, it is not quiet in the north. Tourists are not arriving. Metullah, a city in the north, is practically empty. Stones and firebombs are being thrown at the Israelis. The Arabs now have slingshots with metal balls, and there are some 2000 dunams of land that the farmers cannot farm because the Hizbullah-backed Lebanese in the area don't let then. The farmers have no choice but to go out with their weapons in order to protect themselves.

This is not peace or even close to peace. Until Israel has a partner willing to make peace no matter how many days are spent at Camp David there will be no peace. The Arabs are only interested in attacking & destroying Israel.

I urge you to support Israel, to put a stop to the meaningless talks and to pressure the Arabs to take responsibility for their people.

Respectfully yours,

VIPAC, in existence since 1997, is a group of many hundreds of people from all across America and all around the world--of many races and religions--who have joined together for one purpose: to petition the US government for a policy that is more supportive of Israel's security, historical and Biblical claims in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights.
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