Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

Palestinian Authority Television: Jews Use Holocaust Myth for Profit
On August 25, 1997, the official television station of the Palestinian Authority broadcast a cultural affairs program which hosted Palestinian author Hassan al-Agha. Following are excerpts from the program:
"Moderator: It is well-known that every year the Jews exaggerate what the Nazis did to them. They claim there were 6 million killed, but precise scientific research demonstrates that there were no more than 400,000. Has the complex which the Jews have as a result of the Nazis' actions created within them psychological burdens which they are now releasing against the Palestinians?
Al-Agha: The truth is I do not think so. Psychological baggage after 40 or 50 years… I am skeptical… But I do think that we are talking about an investment. They have profited materially, spiritually, politically and economically from the talk about the Nazi killings. This investment is favorable to them and they view it as a profitable activity so they inflate the number of victims all the time. In another ten years, I do not know what number they will reach, Last year, for the first time, a statistic appeared according to which 1 ½ million children were killed by the Nazis. This number was not previously known… If this number was indeed correct, then someone would certainly have remembered it… In my opinion, it is an investment, and as you know, when it comes to economics and investments, the Jews have been very experienced ever since the days of the Merchant of Venice."
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