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April 2001         

The Palestinian Lie the Israeli Left was Willing to Buy

The dictum propagated by nearly every spokesperson for the Palestinian Arab cause that there cannot be peace or a cessation of violence unless the Israeli occupation of Arab territories ceases, is a lie. And it is a pity that this lie has been commandeered and proclaimed by most of Israel's left-wing politicians; it hardly enhances respect for their intellectual prowess or depth.

If all it boiled down to was the relinquishing of territories occupied by Israel in the self-defensive war in June 1967, why was there no peace with the Arabs or the Palestinians before Israel entered and conquered these areas? And if it was just a matter of giving Arafat 100 percent of the presently occupied territories, including full control of all the Old City of Jerusalem as he demands, why did the Palestinians and the Arab states not accept this solution when the United Nations proposed partition plan gave them the chance to establish their own Palestinian State on all this territory and more?

They rejected the partition plan because, as they still desire today the Hamas, Hizbullah, Egyptians and Syrians, and all factions of the P.L.O. they want all, not part of, Palestine! How is it possible that, until today, the Israeli left remains intellectually or emotionally unwilling to come to terms with this basic reality? Is it in point of fact because they are unwilling to succumb to a reality that contradicts all their fiercely held opinions?

What cerebral dishonesty from people who claim to be the rational intellectual guides of our day! And then there are those who still dare argue against this basic premise by saying that this wish of the Arab nations and Palestinian people has changed since the peace process. They now really want only all the West Bank (100%) and East Jerusalem and then there will be peace. Well, permit me to quote some of their spokespersons, and not the self-deluded Israeli intellectuals who like those intellectual Jews in Europe always thought they knew better as they constantly belittled the writings and statements of Hitler and his cronies. Let me replay the following statements made by the Arab and Palestinian leadership themselves some of them long after the peace process had begun.

On September 13, 1995 - the same day that the peace agreement ceremony was held in Washington D.C., Yasser Arafat spoke on Jordan Television:

Since we cannot defeat Israel in war we do this in stages. We take any and every territory that we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, we can get the Arab nations to join us for the final blow against Israel.
In mid-1998, after the Oslo agreement was signed, Arafat's Fatah placed its constitution on its Internet website. One of the goals of the constitution is worded as follows:
The complete liberation of Palestine and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence.
On his 70th birthday in 1999, Arafat told his many well-wishers [ICEJ News Service, August 6, 1999]:
Allah willing, we will continue with our struggle, our Jihad... and once again enter the city of Jerusalem as the Muslims did for the first time.
And just recently, while on a visit to Beirut, Feisal al-Husseini, said [MEMRI, 22 March 2001]:
The current Intifada ... must not be stopped until it reaches full Palestinian independence... I am maintaining contact in order to put an end to the relationship... We will continue to aspire to the strategic goal, namely, to Palestine from the river to the sea. Whatever we get now cannot make us forget this supreme truth.
Abdul Malik Dahamshe, an Israeli Arab Knesset member, had the gall to say at a solidarity visit in Damascus, Syria [David Makovsky, Jerusalem Post, January 24, 1995]:
Palestine and Syria are one homeland. The Arab people will win by the sword; the victory will be won by the Jihad of the Arab world.
Another Arab MK, Abdul Darawshe said [Jerusalem Institute of Western Defence, Bulletin 3, August 15, 1997]:
There is no difference between one Palestinian and another. We are all Palestinians and we are all Syrian Arabs. ... I swear on Allah that you will return to Palestine...
Darawshe also said [Maariv, August 11, 1997]:
Haifa and Jaffa are calling us! With blood and fire we shall redeem Palestine.
If even Israeli Arabs, who have lived under the flag and sovereignty of Israel for many years, are willing to thus express themselves, then what peace is possible with these Palestinians who nearly all dream of the day when Palestine in its entirety will be theirs, converted to a Muslim Palestinian State?

So to did Israeli Knesset Member Azmi Bishara dare say in March 1999 [ICEJ News, March 26, 1999]:

The Jewish nation was a fiction with no right to exist.
Islamic Jihad leader, Ramadan Abdalla Shalah says [Mid-East Mirror, November 10, 1996):
In the end Israel will disappear as the Koran states. From the standpoint of the Koran, there is no place for Israel and its existence is not justifiable.
Another Hamas leader, Abdel-Aziz Rantisi, said [Jerusalem Post, May 25, 1997]:
Islam does not permit giving up one inch of Palestine and states that Palestine belongs to the Muslims, belongs to the Palestinian people, not to the Jews. Bartering land is not liberation and is not permissible in Islam.
Hamas Sheik Ahmed Yassin told a news conference in 1998 [ICEJ News Service, May 27, 1998]:
The first quarter of the next century will witness the elimination of the Zionist entity and the establishment of the Palestinian state over the whole of Palestine. The strong will not remain strong forever and the weak will not remain weak forever. Things change.
Writing in the July 19, 1982 issue of Al-Ahrar the organ of the Egyptian Liberal Party, Egyptian national Dr. Yahya al-Rakhaw, summed it up well:
We thus find ourselves face to face with the essence of a problem which has recently donned the gown of religion and concentrated itself on a piece of land. In this confrontation we cannot help but see before us the figure of that great man Hitler, may Allah have mercy on him, who was the wisest of those who confronted this problem... and who, out of compassion for humanity, tried to exterminate every Jew, but despaired of curing this cancerous growth on the body of mankind. And now they virtually confirm the accuracy of his intuition.
And, discussing the Holocaust in an article entitled 'Half a Word' in the Egyptian government-sponsored newspaper Al-Akhbar (April 18, 2001), columnist Ahmad Ragab writes:
Thanks to Hitler, blessed memory, who on behalf of the Palestinians, revenged in advance, against the most vile criminals on the face of the earth. Although we do have a complaint against him for his revenge on them was not enough.
Neither Egypt, Syria, Jordan nor any other Muslim State is on record as having demanded from Arafat or the P.L.O. a public and full cancellation of the ultimate aim of nearly all radical Muslims the dissolution of the Jewish State and its replacement with a Muslim Palestinian Arab State. This, then, is their goal; and for this they are willing to go along if need be in phases, even through the so-called peace process till Palestine shall be theirs.

It has nothing to do with Israel's present occupation of the West Bank. It has to do with Israel's existence as a State. If that is removed there will be peace!

These statements are eye openers for those who still possess the intellectual honesty and objectivity to wish that their eyes would be opened. Not only did the far-reaching concessions of 97 percent of all occupied territories that Ehud Barak's government was willing to give show the intransigence of the Palestinian and Arab people, it also showed the willful optimism of most of the Israeli left who had always assured us that peace would come from such surrenders. None, or hardly a single one of them has been willing to tell as that unless we gave the Palestinians and Arabs 100 percent of the occupied territories including all of East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount at least for a starter, as a first phase of the total taking over of all Palestine, a hundred percent surrender of the West Bank would temporarily be acceptable to the Palestinians and Arabs but only as a first phase. However, there is no way that the Arabs would be willing to sign a permanent real peace agreement for this!

Even with 100 percent surrender of all occupied territories, there would still be the Palestinian red line backed by all the Muslim world: The right of return for all Palestinian refugees to their homes and lands within the green line.

Why did Israeli leftist intellectuals have not enough foresight about this apparent truth so that they could have prepared us all for this terrible price without which no peace would be possible? Why did they not spell out loud and clear so that we all would have known, that to have peace with the Arabs and Palestinians we needed to commit suicide and offer all of Palestine in return for peace?

In that Israel's left may have unwittingly been correct, but not exactly in the way they put it: that there will never be real peace with the Palestinian Arabs till there will be a cessation of occupation of all Arab lands and in their minds all Arab lands include Haifa, Jaffa and the Galilee. Yes, Arafat expressed it well in the name of nearly all Arabs when once he said, 'For us peace means the destruction of Israel.'

Israeli leftists! This time do not sheepishly repeat the Palestinian mantra that only after the occupation ends there will be peace, you may actually help the enemies of Israel's existence to reach such a peace!

This certainly would not be exactly the peace of the brave, but rather the peace of the grave!

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center
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