Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

Update: Palestinian Authority Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Denial Since the Wye Accord
3 March 1999

(communicated by the Israel Government Press Office)

The October 23, 1998 Wye River memorandum requires the Palestinian Authority (PA) to "take all measures necessary in order to prevent acts of terrorism, crime and hostilities directed against the Israeli side... and to prevent incitement." Nevertheless, the official PA media organs continue to engage in crude anti-Semitic incitement and Holocaust denial, as the following examples illustrate:

1) a crossword puzzle clue in the official PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, February 18, 1999:

clue for 7 across: "Jewish center for eternalizing the Holocaust and the lies" correct answer: "Yad Vashem" [Israel's national Holocaust memorial]
2) excerpts from a religious program broadcast on official PA television on February 16, 1999:
"The Jews are used to deceit... they fake the facts and changed the laws of Allah.... They faked the words of Allah and changed their religion and laws and they are the wicked. And whomever does not rule according to what Allah brought down, whomever rebelled against this... is the descendant of the Satans and he is worthy of receiving the punishment of the oppressors... They changed this Torah to an expression of the History of the Jews, and their history is full of guilt and crimes... they changed the grace of Allah into heresy and they faked this Torah..."
3) article in the official PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, December 8, 1998:
"Israel convinced the world of the lie of the massacre and racism which they [the Jews] were exposed to in Germany and gained [the support of] world public opinion..."
4) article in the official PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, December 6, 1998:
"Zionism turned itself into an important player in the defense of the West's interests in the region, by ridding Europe of the burden of her Jews..."
5) excerpt from a television program entitled "Palestine: History and Heritage" broadcast on official Palestinian Authority television on December 1, 1998:
"To the east is the Al-Buraq wall, which the Jews call the Wailing Wall, but it is in truth a wall that was built previously by our forefathers the Canaanites... Those who claim it is from the Temple - are of course only the Jewish archaeologists themselves..."
6) excerpt from November 20, 1998 Friday prayer sermon broadcast on the official PA radio station the Voice of Palestine:
"So we see that they [the Jews] have complete control over the political leadership, not only in America and the Western world, but also over world leaderships, including the leaders of the Arab and Muslim world. Jewish money and media are the leaders of the nations and continents..."
7) article in the official PA newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadeeda, November 7, 1998:
"Corruption is part of the nature of the Jews. So much so that it is only on rare occasions that one finds corruption in which Jews were not behind it. Their intense love of money and accumulating wealth is well known and they do not care what method is used to achieve it. They are likely to use the lowliest and most convenient methods to achieve their objectives.... If one studies their history, it becomes apparent that the Jews were subjected to losses and expulsion as a result of their wickedness and their despicable acts. All this occurred after their true nature and their responsibility for destroying the world was revealed... Since this is their mode of behavior, they have focused their efforts on developing their plotting mentality, as they believe the secret of their survival lies in their control over the economies of the countries which opened their gates before them.... It is interesting how those who are harmed by their curse continue to remain under their influence... among those who have been harmed in this manner are Bill Clinton, the president of the largest country in the world. Zionism began to besiege him when he was still a state governor. He began to carry out what World Zionism dictated to him out of fear that his proclivities would become revealed. Even though he is the head of the biggest country in the world, he understands that he is a servant of his desires, with which the plotters tripped him up..."
8) excerpt from a television program entitled "Palestine: History and Heritage" broadcast on official Palestinian Authority television on November 3, 1998:
"Moderator: We will now deal with an important subject - "Judaism: Religion or Nationality".
Historian Jahrir al-Kidwa: The naked truth is that Judaism is not a religion in its fullest meaning, nor is it a nationality at all... Judaism derived from the religion of Moses - Moses brought the Mosaic faith, and it is a continuation of the Islam of our father Abraham."
9) excerpts from a religious program broadcast on official Palestinian Authority television on November 3, 1998:
"There is no light nor teaching in their Torah today. Their Torah today is just a collection of writings in which those people wrote lies about God, His prophets and His teachings... the Jews are the seed of Satan and the devils.... The Jews believe only in the first five books, which includes the Book of Genesis, all of which is lies about God and about the day of Creation... To their Prophets they attribute the greatest of crimes: murder, prostitution and drunkenness. The Jews do not believe in God nor in the End of Days. They have distorted it [the Torah], lied about it and forged it... They invented it as a history book for the Jews, full of promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that they would be given the land of Palestine... the entire Torah comes to demand ownership of the land for the Jews. Their history is full of rebellion and humiliation - God protect us from humiliations! They have distorted the faith and exchanged the gift of God for heresy, rebellion and prostitution, and distorted the Torah...."
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