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December 2002         

Osama Bin Laden Vs. the Jews

by Emanuel A. Winston - December 9, 2002
Osama bin Laden has discovered that, like Hitler, he can bring Muslims to a boil by turning his attention and propaganda to the Jews and Israel. Having had his al-Qaeda taken a beating in Afghanistan, he needed something to rally the troops. That includes prodding the excitable Arab Muslims in all of their nations to turn their attention to the Jewish State. Saddam Hussein also tried this in the first Gulf War and failed, which has not stopped him from repeating the attempt.

As bin Laden and his thugs are being chased around the world, he begins to yelp that it is only because of the Jews and Arab Palestinians that he is attacking America. The folks on Fox News noticed this new ploy and speculated as to why it was so late in the game that he played the ‘Jewish card.’ With American security ramping up, bin Laden needed softer targets, like the Israeli vacationers in Kenya. Bin Laden was a little slow in figuring out what would draw the Arabs and Europeans into a high state of agitation. Adolph Hitler had it figured out from the beginning. Blame the Jews for Germany’s poverty and inflation and the Europeans would follow, even as they themselves become victims. As for the Arabs, they jumped at the chance to join Hitler’s Jew-killing machine. Faisal al-Husseini (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during WWII) went to Berlin to plead with Hitler to send the Waffen SS to Jerusalem and kill all the Jews.

Osama has finally caught on. So his theme now is: "We’re only attacking America because it has befriended the Jews." Nice try, but it won’t play in Poughkeepsie or in Washington. In other words, Osama, we in the United States know that your extreme Wahhabi Islamic hatred goes back before our CIA trained you and your pals in terrorism back when we were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Your Wahhabi Islamic fundamentalist background of hating all the infidels (non-Muslims), especially Americans, ramped up when America saved Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein’s plan to take over that country and grab its oil fields.

American boots on so-called holy Saudi soil drove your radical Islamic minds wild. So your campaign to drive Americans out of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East accelerated - only now you were also saving the Arab Palestinians. As said in the streets, you didn’t give a damn about Arafat and his Arab Palestinians until you saw Leftists in government and the media pick up on your sham call to help your "Arab Palestinian brethren." For you, the Palestinian Arabs were merely another occasionally useful gang of terrorists, at least at first. When you found that Palestinian terrorism played well in Europe and the United States State Department, they became another card in your marked deck.

The Saudis have always looked upon Arafat and his Palestinian Arabs as one looks at a bugs. "Use them and lose them" was their tactic. When their usefulness is over, they will be squashed - like bugs - by all the Arab nations. In the meantime, the Arab propaganda machine is cranking up to cast a new aura around bin Laden. Now, watch the next act. Watch the Arab professors being interviewed on NPR (National Palestine Radio). They will offer the explanation of why the whole problem is really Israel and if America simply ceased being friendly to Israel, all will calm down. The Europeans will eagerly swallow the story, not because they believe it, but because it is a way to avoid facing the growing threat of Muslims who have flooded their cities. Arafat will operate his PR machine. It was developed during his 12 years in Beirut, with the members of the media penned up in the Commodore Hotel, terrified out of their minds, because in the course of his war of terrorism, about 10 journalists were actually killed. Arafat’s propaganda machine was, and still is, professionally adept. He plans ahead and has no problem threatening the media with, "Do as I say or else!"

So, watch the growing campaign by bin Laden, the Saudis and Arafat to push the Palestinian Arabs stage front in America and Europe. The media will play along because -

A. They are hopelessly Liberal, and
B. They get excited when Arafat and his pals give them an "or else."
Recall the abject apology offered to Arafat by an Italian film crew when they actually filmed the bloody lynching of two Israeli soldiers in a Ramallah police station, with the crowds cheering in pure ecstasy. The Italian journalists said they were sorry and would never compromise Arafat again.

The question now is whether or not the US State Department, like the European Union, will take the bait (because they want to). If the State Department joined this campaign prior to issuing the Bush "Road Map", be assured this was done knowingly to increase the pressure on Israel. If the media pick up bin Laden’s mantra (because they want to), then it will be up to the American people, the American Congress and, of course, the American President to play it straight.

Regrettably, we cannot count on Israel’s corrective, counter-Hasbara (PR), because it is always too late, too limp and inadequate. We cannot depend upon American Jewish leadership, because they think PR through an ad agency solves the problem. As usual, it will be up to the self-motivated activists to do the job, press the Press, contact Congress, unite the Nationalistic Jews and Zionist Christians.

So, dear friends, get busy, because bin Laden and Arafat are preparing a massive, well-funded wave of propaganda, designed to shift focus from their terrorist acts of war to the peaceful Jewish State of Israel. Keep in mind that Saudi money has employed some of the best PR firms to make their case. They, too, need to shift focus from them, as they are being exposed as funding sources for terrorists and madrassas (schools for radical fundamentalist Islamism) in America and elsewhere, where the children are taught by the mullahs to hate America.

Your first glimpse of this campaign will come through the usual anti-Israel Media outlets and well-known journalists who previously have shown their hostility to the Jewish State. Watch the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR (National Palestine Radio), CNN, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, et al. This campaign will start like soft porn and gradually increase the drumbeat as the fanatics are lit up. Some of this has already begun on college campuses across America, Canada and Europe, through Muslim student agitators. Young, idealistic students are easy to recruit to protect anything made out to be the underdog. The campus protests against Israel are not an isolated operation, but merely an opening shot, with more to follow. Anticipate mega-terrorist attacks to be obfuscated by the fog of rhetoric, claiming that they are only killing people because "the Jews made them do it." Speak to the Congress, the media and our President preemptively. Let them know it is now an open secret that the coordinated campaign by Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden and the Egyptian-born Yassir Arafat to shift the blame for their terrorism to Israel.

The Jews have suffered from Jew-hatred for thousands of years, for bringing humanity the concepts of One G-d and the moral precepts He wrote in His Torah, as part of His covenant with the Jewish people. It was difficult for most of the world to follow these rules of morality. Most of the world re-made the Jews’ monotheism "in their own image", as Christianity and as Islam. Now, each religion contends with the other two to be Number One.

Bin Laden and Arafat are not the first to use the Jews to blame for their own faults. Why not insure that they are the last?

Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator.

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