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March 2001

1948 - by Reuven Rubin

Operation Order: Arafat

By Uri Dan

(March 29) - A few days ago a Palestinian sniper in Hebron murdered a 10-month-old baby girl, Shalhevet Pass. In another few days, in accordance with the same guiding principles of the murderous Palestinian terrorism, they may well murder an entire kindergarten.

A direct line of responsibility leads from the Oslo agreement in 1993 to Shalhevet's murder in 2001. Direct responsibility lies with Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, who was awarded the Nobel Prize under false pretenses in 1993, with the aid of the Israeli government.

Everything begins and ends with Arafat. His intention is to cause Israel's surrender - in other words, he wants to drag Prime Minister Ariel Sharon into negotiating under fire and terrorist attacks. Alternatively, he wants to drag Israel into all-out war with the Palestinians and he doesn't care if this will also bring the other Arab countries into the war.

Using the threat of the risk of war, Arafat brought about the fall of prime minister Ehud Barak's government, after it had already agreed to retreat to virtually the 1967 boundaries and to give up the Temple Mount.

Arafat, through his adviser for large financial thefts, Mohammed Rashid, is trying to continue to deceive the government in Jerusalem and to mislead it into thinking that he gave an order to cease firing against kibbutzim Nahal Oz and Kfar Aza and would immediately recommence negotiations.

Arafat is trying to create the illusion that he is still a partner for peace, while continuing to use the weapon of terrorism, in the hope that Sharon will also fall into the trap of doing nothing.

Arafat is apparently similar to our learned commentators who still do not understand what Sharon has understood and said for some time in his low-key style: either peace negotiations or all-out war against terrorism. Arafat has failed to appreciate that he can no longer continue to threaten the government with war - after the nation elected Sharon with a majority of 26 percent - in order to restore its security.

Sharon understands there is something more important than being prime minister, and that is to be first of all a person who fulfills his promises. So says Zvi Malchin, a former senior operations officer of the intelligence service who received two Israeli Defense Prizes for his war against Palestinian terrorism several years ago.

"The moment that Sharon decides to implement his plan for combating terror, nothing must prevent him from doing so," Malchin said. "I am familiar with this, on a more limited scale, from my own operations, and I am sure that Sharon is familiar with this from his own tremendous experience."

"If so," I said to him, "there is no alternative but to refuse to permit Arafat to return to the Gaza Strip or to Ramallah, when he comes back from one of his trips abroad, since he threatens the whole region with war."

"No," Malchin replied, "Arafat has apparently already forgotten who expelled him from Beirut to Tunis. Why chase the sniper who murdered Shalhevet, or the man who blew up the bus in Kfar Darom, or set off the charges in Hadera, Netanya, and Jerusalem? Action should be taken against those directly responsible - Arafat and a dozen of his helpers."

"Bump them off? The media in the world, and some in Israel, and the leftists here will go frantic," I replied.

"Perish the thought! You've heard of the Entebbe operation? Arafat and his helpers should be put into a helicopter and sent back to Tunis fit and well. But without trousers, just in their underwear."

"And what will the world say?"

"They will applaud. The US is seeking Milosevic for war crimes. He didn't murder a single American child. We are looking for Arafat, if only because of a single baby, Shalhevet, who was murdered in Hebron.

"By the way, most of the Arab countries hate Arafat. It's not certain that they will allow us to send him back to Tunis. We can bring him directly to the war crimes court in the Hague. And if Yossi Sarid is still interested, he can conduct negotiations with him there."

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