In the light of the recent singing of Wye2 in Sharm el Sheik I feel it necessary to write this letter to you and all the people of Israel.

We are shocked by the latest agreements.

Firstly what the Wye 2 means for Israel


Israel should cease all military and intelligence operations within Israel and abroad for it is a waste of Israel's resources seeing that Israel will only let the terrorists go free anyway why should Israel even bother to catch them.


Israel should remove settlers from all of biblical Judea Samaria and Gaza and relocate to tel aviv because the government of Israel has rejected the right of every jew to live anywhere in the land of Israel promised to them by God.


Israel should close all synagogues and churchs and jewish store or business and relocate to a makeshift camp in Tel Aviv waiting to be transported to another country because Israel has promised to hand over the rest of Israel to the palistinian authority and the PA doesnt want a single jew on its land


Israel should order the burning of all jewish holy books and religous articles and the torching of all holy places and scrolls because Israel's government has chosen to follow Clinton and Arafat not to believe the promise of God Almighty that God gave Israel to the jewish people as an everlasting inheritence but they have chosen to bow to the forces of this world, dishonouring all that fought and gave their lives for the tiny nations survival.

Israel is no longer jewish

One question what have the Palistinians promised??

Jonathan David Coote - <vision2000@home.com>

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