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The United Nations and Israel

We Do Not Need the UN

By Yossi Olmert
December 13, 2001

UNited Nations Sectretary-General Kofi Annan is the latest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and this simply cannot remain unnoticed in Israel.

Annan himself is a polished diplomat with a long list of personal accomplishments. However, he received the prize on behalf of his organization and that should concern us Israelis, and all Jews in general.

To start with, we already know from our own most recent experience how unwise it is to grant this prestigious prize prematurely, as can be seen from the fiasco of the notorious Oslo "peace" accords. Beyond this, the question is: what really has the UN done in recent years which contributed to peace in our part of the world? The answer is nothing at all, in fact, the UN has contributed to the destabilization of our region and in line with its regrettable tradition has been and still is the homeground of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic bias.

Let's look back at the Durban conference sponsored by the UN with Annan very much in command. His speech consisted of an outrageous reference to a possible comparison between the Holocaust and the current situation in the territories. Anann kept quiet when delegates of member states in his organization stood up and called unashamedly for the destruction of another member state, the state of Israel. Volumes of hatred towards everything Israeli and Jewish were on display in this shameful gathering and Annan was all smiles. So much for the impartiality of the UN secretary-general.

The same goes for the UN's handling of the kidnapping and subsequent killing of the three missing Israeli soldiers in Lebanon. Deceit, denial and collaboration with the Hizbullah characterized UN policy, and Annan is all smiles. He could still make amends to Israel, by being the one statesman to lead a world-wide campaign to call upon the Hizbullah to immediately and unconditionally hand over the bodies to their families. We also have to deal with the busy Norwegian, Mr. Terje Larsen, officially the UN special Middle East envoy, practically however, one of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's last advocates who really operates as one of the nannies to somebody who is increasingly being recognized world-wide as a liar and terrorist.

Larsen, however is a dedicated supporter of the Palestinian cause and please do not confuse him with the facts. We can go on and on, detailing the negative role of the UN, surely so far as the Middle East conflict is concerned. There was a ray of hope a decade ago, when the General Assembly revoked the "Zionism is racism" aberration and for a short while the UN seemed to be a more even-handed body, one which the state of Israel could trust and work with. No more, and the lesson here is very simple: we have enough friends in this world, not least among them world power No. 1, the US. The UN and its secretary-general can receive all kinds of prizes, and believe that they are real architects of world peace, but we in Israel know better. We could and should do without the UN, and politely but bluntly tell them not to intervene in our affairs.

©2001 - Jerusalem Post

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