The Congressional Taskforce report has been making waves on the Internet and elsewhere over the past month yet much of the international media, as well as decision-makers, seem to be ignoring it.

Taskforce head Congressman Jim Saxton says the findings fly in the face of what the Clinton adminstration "would like to see".

It seems this wishful thinking is not restricted to the US government. For the major mainstream media, it may as well not exist (Israeli radio and a US CBS affiliate, WBBM, have given it some airtime. The Jerusalem Post finally dealt with the matter in a guest column on February 13).

Either the compilers of the report are ludicrously off-target, which raises pressing questions about the sanity of the lawmakers concerned, or its gloomy prognosis simply doesn't fit the paradigm of an aggressive Israel facing peace-loving Arab neighbours the paradigm which underpins the agendas of the world's media organisations.

Take your pick.

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