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May 2001         

Comparing Deaths: No Comparison

A coalition of American pediatricians - DOCS (Doctors Opposed to Child Sacrifice) - says that official PA encouragement of children to participate in violence against Israel is "societal child abuse." DOCS founder Dr. Pejman Salimpour said, "Adults, governments, and media outlets that encourage young children to participate in violence to further their own political agenda are practicing a form of societal child abuse..." The Jerusalem Post reports that DOCS called on the PA to halt broadcasts that glorify martyrdom.

In a Letter to the Editor of a major American newspaper, Adina Livni reacts to the media's coverage of the brutal murder of the two Jewish boys in Tekoa last week. She writes:

It is impossible to draw a parallel between the brutal and deliberate torture and slayings of two innocent Jewish boys... and the killing of Palestinian children who have been placed directly in the line of fire by their parents and teachers in order to play upon world sympathy and support. Imagine the events in that cave moment by moment. Imagine the boys, ages 13 and 14, suddenly surrounded by a group of Palestinians. Laughing with each other, they hear voices in the cave and turn to confront a group of strangers. When did they realize that they were going to be murdered? Did panic grip them the moment they saw the Palestinians? Did the boys kick and scream and try to wiggle their way free?

We all saw the footage of Palestinians laughing gleefully as they smashed and mutilated three Israeli soldiers who made a wrong turn into the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Ramallah. As they tortured our young boys, did the Palestinians laugh with gratified lust for innocent Jewish blood? Did they scorn and mock the helplessness of these poor boys? Did they spit on them and prolong their pain before they finally killed them? From the final condition of the bodies, and the blood smeared victoriously and viciously over the walls, what happened to these children, as they were overpowered alone in the darkness, is a scene which can only be relived again and again in our worst nightmares. As I read the paper, I am struck by the constant and unrelenting attempts by reporters to somehow justify these brutal guerilla attacks upon the innocent. The excuses made between the lines for murderers range from, 'The Jews kill children too,' to, 'The oppressed Palestinians are fighting heroically for their rights to the land.'

Both excuses must be shown for the deceitful propaganda they really are. Does a Palestinian child live in fear that if he or she meets a Jew in a cave he or she will be tortured and murdered? Does a Palestinian policeman worry that he might take a turn into a village with a Hebrew-sounding name? Does a Palestinian mother stand at a window with her infant and fear for one moment that an Israeli soldier may use his fine-toned sniper skills to shoot her little one through the brain?


Yes, if Palestinians are throwing rocks at Israeli civilians and soldiers, Israeli soldiers must fight back in order to protect those whom it is their sworn duty to protect and themselves. Yes, if Palestinians insist upon letting school out early and deliberately place children in the lines of fire, there will be casualties we would rather not see. But these children are by no means killed with cold-blooded intent. They are martyred by their parents and teachers in the hopes of breeding fodder for propaganda against Israel. They are killed and maimed only so that Arafat can answer the accusation that two young Jewish boys were tortured and murdered with a shrug and the statement that "Israel has victimized Palestinian children."

And the reporters eat this up! They give credence to the false parallels and lies by repeating them themselves! Woe is to us, oh Israel, for losing the propaganda war! Not too far back in our history did we almost lose another war, and we paid with six million. As Goebbels taught us, written in blood and smoke and the fires of the crematorium: if the lie is big enough and you repeat it enough times, the world will believe it. The Palestinians, children of some of the best friends Nazism ever had, are using this invaluable method effectively, it seems.

As for the claim that the Jews are fair game in response to years of their oppressing the Palestinian people, this is a bold-faced lie. It is an example of the unnerving impudence of a people that has been given everything in a spirit of peace and camaraderie jobs, housing, healthcare, arms and ammunition, and is now turning all these resources against those who provided them.

It is my hope in writing this that sick lies and perverse excuses are held up to the light and recognized for what they really are. I ask reporters to pursue truth, and readers to do the same.

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