Newsletter #365     Friday, August 22, 2008
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  • Enough with the gestures
    Udi Label - August 22, 2008
    Israel should stop treating Palestinians as child who must be constantly appeased

  • When Churchill wept
    Stan Goodenough - August 5, 2008
     The shocking history is well-known: How the fearful Great Powers threw their trusting friends to the wolves rather than face down the belligerent who was out to devour them all.

  • There Is No Such Thing as Making Peace
    Victor Sharpe - August 12, 2008
     There is no such thing as making peace. If a nation desires peace with its neighbor, but that neighbor implacably rejects peace, then any imposed peace process from outside is nothing more than a handmaiden to futility or worse.

  • Weekend in Hamastan
    Jerusalem Post - August 1, 2008
     Trying to distinguish between the good guys and the bad in the latest bout of Gaza fighting is bit like trying to decide who to hire as a babysitter - the Boston Strangler or Jack the Ripper.

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