Newsletter #364     Friday, August 1, 2008
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  • The death penalty for terrorists
    Shmuley Boteach - July 21, 2008
    But there exist those fiends whose crimes are so heinous that they have erased the image of God from their countenance and have forfeited any reasonable right to walk God's earth. Worse, keeping terrorists alive in prison just invites further kidnappings of innocent civilians and soldiers who are hunted down by Hamas and Hizbullah to exchange for their terrorist brothers.

  • Blowing smoke over Jerusalem
    Douglas Bloomfield - July 29, 2008
     John McCain should know better, and so should pro-Israel voters. The GOP nominee-to-be must think we're a pretty gullible bunch of nudniks if he expects us to believe that he will move the US embassy to Jerusalem "right away" if he is elected president. It won't happen, and he knows it.

  • The Third Lebanon War
    Mark Silverberg - July 27, 2008
     The national celebrations for Kuntar in Lebanon, and that nation's embrace of this murderer and his genocidal compatriots, not only reveal (again) the depths of Hezbollah's moral bankruptcy, but also the readiness of other Lebanese to follow it into the abyss.

  • Why terror thrives
    Jerusalem Post- July 28, 2008
     Terrorism is now so ubiquitous as to be unremarkable. Tragically, the international community has only itself to blame for making terrorism permissible as a tool of war - depending on who is blown up, and who is doing the blowing up.

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