Newsletter #360     Friday, June 6, 2008
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  • Obama embraces Israel
    Stan Goodenough - June 5, 2008
     "Well, I just listened to Obama - and I did not get sick, I got scared. Based on what I heard I would vote for him. He has an extra-ordinarily gilded tongue and a powerful, clear message. He was MUCH stronger than McCain on every level - and he will get the US Jews’ vote and Israel’s Jews will root for him. He will win the White House, and I fear he will bring a peace agreement into existence between Israel and the Arabs that will drag the US into the darkness of the valley of judgment."

    See also Obama campaign flip-flops on "undivided" Jerusalem

  • A Jew in defense of John Hagee
    Dennis Prager - May 27, 2008
     Hagee is one of the most pro-Jewish Christians alive. No living Christian has devoted more of his life to combating anti-Semitism. He has received death threats from anti-Semites, and they have attacked his home. To accuse such a man of anything anti-Jewish renders both truth and anti-Semitism meaningless.

  • The real 'delusional fantasists'
    Michael Freund - May 27, 2008
     If anyone is delusional, it is those who still think that dividing the land of Israel will appease the Palestinian appetite, and quench their thirst for dismantling the Jewish state once and for all.

  • UN choosing to protect rogue nuclear programs
    Caroline Glick - June 6, 2008
     Israel can delude itself no longer in thinking that someone else will protect it from annihilation. ElBaradei's lack of concern that "crazies" will attack Iran shows the Israeli people that if we wish to survive, we must ensure that our leaders understand that we alone are responsible for our security and survival.

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