Newsletter #359     Friday, May 23, 2008
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  • Parsing the President - What Bush told Israel
    Stan Goodenough - May 18, 2008
     US President George W. Bush last Thursday brought a special message to the Israeli Knesset to mark the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish state.

  • Enough of the empty threats. Act now against Hamas in Gaza
    Isi Leibler - May 21, 2008
     No country in the world whose citizens were under missile attack from murderous neighbors would respond in such an impotent manner, or be concerned with accusations of having responded with disproportionate force. We have one of the most powerful armies in the region. It is now abundantly clear that we cannot coexist with this evil Hamas regime and, unless a dramatic change occurs, there is no alternative. We must put an end to them.

  • 1948, Israel, and the Palestinians: The True Story
    Efraim Karsh - May 2008
     And so it goes. Six decades after the mufti and his henchmen condemned their people to statelessness by rejecting the UN partition resolution, their reckless decisions are being reenacted by the latest generation of Palestinian leaders.

  • Assad's week of triumph
    Caroline Glick - May 23, 2008
     So Olmert and his cadres remain in power and all of Israel suffers. But at least Syria's happy. And so is Iran. And so is Hizbullah. And so is Hamas.

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