Newsletter #356     Friday, April 4, 2008
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  • A Guidebook for Officials Visiting Israel/Palestine
    By P. David Hornik - April 1, 2008
     The endless parade of top officials recently visiting Israel/Palestine has included the American president, defense secretary, and secretary of state, the former British prime minister, the German chancellor and foreign minister, the Russian foreign minister, and so on. Since etiquette is of paramount importance in Israel/Palestine, the following is a useful compendium of gaffes, faux pas, and indelicacies to be assiduously avoided in each and every visit to this contentious land.

  • Why do ‘Palestinians’ get much more attention than Tibetans?
    Dennis Prager - March 25, 2008
      Consider the facts: Tibet, at least 1,400 years old, is one of the world's oldest nations, has its own language, its own religion and even its own ethnicity. Over 1 million of its people have been killed by the Chinese, its culture has been systematically obliterated, 6,000 of its 6,200 monasteries have been looted and destroyed, and most of its monks have been tortured, murdered or exiled.
    "Palestinians" have none of these characteristics. There has never been a Palestinian country, never been a Palestinian language, never been a Palestinian ethnicity, never been a Palestinian religion in any way distinct from Islam elsewhere.

  • Lies begging to be exposed
    Evelyn Gordon - April 2, 2008
     The message could not be clearer: The normally peace-loving Palestinians, who previously opposed rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, have been driven to violence by Israel's brutality. There is only one problem: the poll's claim is utterly false. In other words, peace-loving Palestinians have not been suddenly radicalized by Israeli brutality; they have supported rocket attacks on Israeli civilians from the moment they acquired this capability.

  • Ms Rice: God is watching YOU
    Stan Goodenough - March 31, 2008
     I therefore feel bound to tell you, Madam Secretary, that ever since you set your sights on implementing the two-state vision that aims to create an Arab state on biblically and historically Jewish land, you have been playing with fire; potentially with eternal fire, and not just with your own life, but with the life and future of your nation.

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