Newsletter #350     Friday, January 4, 2008
Happy New Year!
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  • Against all odds
    Stan Goodenough - December 31, 2007
     In 2008, Israel will celebrate the 60th Anniversary of its miraculous rebirth. That it has survived to reach this year must really stick in the craw of the devil and of all those who have sought to be useful to him in trying to bring about the destruction of the Jewish state. There is no getting away from it. That the Jews still exist as a nation; that Israel still exists as a state flies in the face of all probability. They survive against all the odds.

  • No sympathy for terror
    Jerusalem Post - December 30, 2007
     Just imagine, for example, that Rice were to express even the faintest degree of understanding for the barbaric killing of Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto, as being the result of "humiliation and powerlessness." Plainly, that would be absurd and unconscionable. But so, too, is to suggest that checkpoints cause terrorism, rather than that terrorism necessitates checkpoints.

  • The rape of Israel
    Caroline B. Glick - November 30, 2007
      Bush's first presidential visit to Israel could have been a great opportunity for the country. But in his interview with the Post, a week before Bush's arrival Olmert made clear that the visit will be a disaster. Whether Bush wants to or not, ahead of the pubication of the Winograd report, Olmert will leave him no choice. Bush will be forced to rape Israel.

  • Coal in Israel's Stocking
    Cliff May - - December 27, 2007
     In this holiday season, there are journalistic conventions one comes to expect: stories lamenting the commercialism of Christmas; stories summing up the 12 months gone by and predicting the direction of the New Year; and stories blaming Israelis for the problems afflicting the Holy Land.

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