Newsletter #326     Friday, April 27, 2007
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The Land of Israel Necklace
consists of a crystal glass pendant filled with the entire Land of Israel including Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nazareth, The Sea of Galilee, The Jordan River, The Dead Sea, as well as other locations. The earth inside has beautiful color variations creating a natural layered effect. By wearing the Land of Israel as a beautiful necklace, the land remains in one's consciousness and, literally, close to the heart.
  • Israel at 59
    Jerusalem Post - April 22, 2007
     ... we need to keep in mind the resilience the Israeli people exhibited during the war, the bravery and commitment of our soldiers, and the value of what we have built over the past 59 years. This country must not measure itself solely by its leadership. Ultimately, it is the strength of the people and what we have achieved here that is enduring, and will prevail.

  • A Day to Remember, a Year to Win
    By Reuven Koret - - April 23, 2007
     From the darkness of the present moment, I believe, will come a great light, a light to the civilized nations, a shining example of how to act with courage and conviction in the justice of our case, and our indomitable will to live as free people in our own long-lost homeland. Those who have fought and fallen to bring us to this day deserve no less.

  • Appeasement never brings peace
    Hal Lindsey - - April 27, 2007
     According to a new report issued by the Israeli National Insurance Institute, of all the Israelis killed by terrorists since the country's founding in 1948, more than half of them were murdered since September 2000. Think of it! Fifty-three percent of all the casualties from all the terror attacks since 1948 were incurred after Israel had divested itself of its God-given buffer zone in exchange for a peace that never came.

  • The Perception of Weakness
    by Mark Silverberg - - April 26, 2007
     Today, Israel is hearing the same "extermination rhetoric" it heard four decades ago in the months and weeks preceding the Six-Day War. What we are witnessing is a replay of history, tragic as it is, because the false perception of Israeli weakness can only end when the perception of Israeli invincibility has been restored in the minds of Israel's enemies. Unfortunately, as has so often been the case, it will take a major war to do it.

  • Bishara and the Old Guard
    Caroline Glick - Jerusalem Post - April 27, 2007
     But even without knowing the specifics of Bishara's crimes, two notable aspects of his case stand out. First, the very decision of Israel's investigatory arms to open a probe against Bishara for acts of treason is a welcome development. It marks a clear departure from their past treatment of Bishara and other Arab parliamentarians who have openly worked on behalf of Israel's enemies in recent years.

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