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Happy Thanksgiving America!
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  • How the Jews invented Thanksgiving
    Joseph Farah - - November 23, 2006
     Though it's a uniquely American tradition, the roots of Thanksgiving go back to ancient Israel. In a real sense, the Jews invented Thanksgiving. I count 29 references to the word "thanksgiving" in the King James Bible – all but nine in the Old Testament. For the ancient children of Israel, thanksgiving was a time of feasting and fasting, of praising God, of singing songs. It was a rich celebration – and still is for observant Jews today.

  • Tell the truth about peace
    Jerusalem Post - November 19, 2006  The Palestinians and Arab states often claim to be ready for peace. The well-worn pattern, however, is this: Israel yearns for peace while being wary of "peace plans;" the Arabs attack and prepare for war while claiming to embrace "peace."

  • Wake up, Israel!
    Joseph Farah - - November 24, 2006
     The real goal is the destruction of Israel. The new state is only a means of getting there. Israelis and many Americans don't understand this yet. They believe the Palestinians will be happy if they get a new state. They will forget about destroying Israel. But this conflict has never really been about a new state. It has always been about destroying Israel. The new state is merely a vehicle for achieving Israel's destruction.

  • The Gemayel warning
    Caroline Glick - Jerusalem Post - November 24, 2006
     Tuesday saw another nail driven into the coffin of US President George W. Bush's vision of a free and democratic Middle East. The Syrians aren't even trying to hide their involvement in the assassination of Lebanon's Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel.

  • Thankful for America – and burdened for her
    Stan Goodenough - Jerusalem Watchman - November 23, 2006
    We give thanks unto You O LORD our God, King of the universe, Who has preserved Israel and kept Your people down through the ages, and brought them to this day. To You and You alone belong all the glory and honor and praise for Israel’s protection and survival. And we thank You for all those whom You have used to help save and defend Your people, including the United States.
    The United States of America is the chief sponsor of the land-for-peace process that has brought so much pain and death to Israel, drastically weakening the Jewish state both internally and externally over the last decade-and-a-half.

    Since 1991, that process has followed a convoluted path, taking on a variety of names and modifying some of its components, but never shifting its goal: the division of the God-covenanted Land of Israel into two states – Israel and Palestine.

    In 2002, President George W. Bush made facilitating this “two state solution” official US policy. The obvious and multiplying proofs that this approach just cannot work have not diverted him from this path.

    At its end lies not peace, but a rapid intensification of the danger to Israel, and the increasing prospect of the region erupting in full-scale, non-conventional, war.

    Both biblical and geo-political realities guarantee that giving up Jewish lands will not bring peace to the Middle East.

    This is a certainty.

    Today, after having led Israel deep into a maze from which extraction appears almost impossible, America finds itself trapped in a no-win situation in Iraq.

    A New Middle East is emerging, but it is neither the one championed by Oslo-architect Shimon Peres, nor is it George Bush’s brave new version, in which democracy replaces despotism.

    It is the New Middle East of Ahmadinejad and Assad – and its form is taking shape before our eyes.

    Recent days have seen Iran move to draw Iraq’s new “democratic” government, established at such enormous human and material cost to the United States – a price America is far from finished paying – into alliance with itself and Syria.

    Meanwhile Tehran and Damascus, both terrorism-sponsoring states, are working to destabilize Lebanon and undermine its elected government to turn Israel’s northern-most neighbor into a mini-Islamic Republic.

    Should this coalition (Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon) gel, a “Shi’ite Crescent” comprising untold millions of Israel-haters – and whose chief champion is racing to go atomic – will stand poised to crush Israel from the north and east.

    As the Iranians drive hard to build their Allah-Bomb, America and the rest of what was once Judeo-Christian civilization is vacillating over whether to boycott or talk to them, instead of engaging and militarily neutralizing the nascent nuclear nightmare.

    Time is no longer on Washington’s side. Bush, defanged by the mid-term elections, is already playing the appeasement card, dealing it to both Syria and Iran in the hope of ensuring Iraq will not be Vietnam II.

    In Israel, few wonder who will have to pay to pacify these beasts. Already, Damascus has responded to America’s overtures by demanding Israel be made to surrender the Golan Heights.

    And in time-honored Arab tradition, upon seeing the proffered hand, Syria had Lebanon’s Pierre Gemayel assassinated, signaling that Damascus will never be an American patsy.

    Does it have to be this way?

    I am not an American, but my heart is fearful for the United States. I believe that nation, which this week stops to “thank God” for its existence, was established by Him to stand with Israel in these critical times.

    Instead, America is betraying the Jews.

    Is the US irreversibly on course to blow it, after all it has done up to now – far more than any other nation – to bless and serve God’s ancient race?

    The last 65 years have seen the United States thrice tangle with the devil in a way that directly benefited the people of Israel, and much of the world.

    At least two of these confrontations saw great numbers of Americans lose their lives in foreign lands so that other peoples might regain their freedom.

    And all three times have been directly tied in with God’s plan to restore the Jews to the Land of Israel in fulfillment of the multiple millennia-old prophecies in the Bible.

    There is no doubt Heaven’s blessings were poured out upon America through these years.

    Confrontation #1

    It was during the first half of the 20th Century, as the long-exiled Jewish people were immigrating in waves to their biblical homeland, that Satan deployed the dark demons of Antisemitism and Nazism, combined into a single force designed for one purpose: the annihilation of world Jewry in order to stop in its tracks the unprecedented phenomenon of Israel’s – foretold – rebirth.

    The “Final Solution to the Jewish Question” was already underway when, on December 7, 1941, America was dragged into conflict with the allied hosts of hell by the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

    Entering the war, the US brought much-needed relief to battle-exhausted Britain and its allies. More importantly, it played a decisive part in defeating Germany, liberating Europe and opening the gates of the Death Camps, thereby putting an end to the Evil One’s most ambitious effort (up to that point) to obliterate the Jews.

    The rebirth of the National Jewish Home six-and-a-half years later came about as a direct result of the crushing of the Third Reich

    Some critics of the United States – and heaven knows there are no limit to them – would vehemently point out that America did not willingly enter the fray and that, when it did, it certainly was not on behalf of the Jews.

    Be that as it may, the USA – which largely because of World War Two became superpower number one – was de facto the principle player in the uprising of nations that delivered the remnant of European Jewry from the Hitler’s satanic scheme.

    And when, just 11 minutes after David Ben-Gurion read out Israel’s Declaration of Independence on May 14, 1948, President Harry Truman announced America’s recognition of the reborn Jewish state, the US paved the way for Israel to be accepted (if not always appreciated) by most of the world.

    Confrontation #2

    Having failed to kill Israel in the womb, the devil moved to smother the infant nation, using overwhelming Arab armies steered by the USSR.

    Barely had America emerged from the Second World War than it found itself in a pre-cursor for World War Three. The Cold War dragged on from 1947 until 1991, forcing the US to stand up to, and repeatedly stare down, the Soviet Union.

    During this superpower standoff, America successfully kept Moscow from achieving dominion in the oil-rich Middle East. Despite initially supporting Israel’s independence, the Soviets had failed to draw the Jewish state into their orbit. Instead, Israel became what the Kremlin saw as an American bridgehead in the Middle East. So the Russians actively aided the Arab effort to have Israel erased.

    A series of tense face-offs took place between the USSR and the USA, as the former poured billions of dollars into arming and training the Arabs, while the latter remained committed to ensuring Israel’s qualitative military edge over its neighbors.

    Things came to a head in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when the Soviets threatened to join Egypt to ensure Israel’s defeat, which would also have spelt Israel’s doom.

    American forces went to DEFCON 3, letting Moscow know that the US was ready to intervene on Israel’s behalf. The tension almost triggered a nuclear clash. But the Russians backed down, and diminished as America’s influence increased. It was a blow from which the Soviet Union would never recover.

    Once again, God had used America to thwart Satan’s annihilation attempt. A Soviet-Arab victory in the Yom Kippur War would have created a new, and probably final, Diaspora.

    Israel would have been no more.

    Confrontation #3

    When, in January 2001, George W. Bush was elected the 43rd President of the United States, he let it be known that his administration would focus mainly on domestic issues, giving a wide berth to the irresolvable Arab-Israeli war.

    On September 11 of that year, Arab terrorists came hurtling out of the Middle East to explode their massive “suicide” bombs in Washington and New York. It was the worst attack on United States soil since Pearl Harbor.

    Notwithstanding the president’s hopes and plans, his country was sucked into the very forefront of the clash of civilizations that is raging around us and central to which, once again, lies little Israel.

    Just as America went head-to-head with the Nazis, then head-to-head with the Soviets, the United States has now, for more than five years, been going head-to-head with the jihadist forces of Islam, Once again, American boys are paying with their lives in lands far from home, fighting in defense of the US, but also in reality serving to defend the Jewish people in their national home.

    America has neutralized Saddam Hussein, one of Israel’s most implacable enemies who swore to burn half of the Jewish state with his SCUDs.

    Killing two birds with one stone, the US invasion of Iraq messaged Libya, which moved quickly to dismantle its nuclear program and ceased to be a frontline threat to Israel.

    Despite this progress, however, the war America has become embroiled in the 21st Century is a great deal more dangerous even than those fought in the 20th.

    Nazism and Communism were ideologies. Islam is a religion. Germans and Russians wanted to conquer the world for themselves. Muslims want to conquer it for Allah. Nazi and Red Army soldiers put some value on survival and self preservation; Islam’s soldiers aspire after nothing “greater” than to die in the very act of jihad.

    Time for America to choose

    In this writer’s opinion, the United States has been maneuvered to the place where it is now confronted with a terrible choice: Who will be its ally in the Middle East, the Muslim states, or Israel?

    Right now, Washington is headed the wrong way, looking to appease the Muslims and dialogue with them in a bid to wriggle free from Iraq. This course can only leave the US humiliated, defeated in the eyes of all who hate her, her influence mortally compromised even as the nuclear menace mushrooms in the Middle East.

    Let America instead choose Israel. Let President Bush return to the position he took even as the dust and smoke of 9-11 were still settling around him, when he so powerfully and clearly drew that line in the sand and declared that all who supported terrorism were enemies of the United States.

    Let Israel and America join forces, and together fly down upon the would-be holocaust perpetrators, pulverizing them to the point where both their ability and desire to destroy the “little satan” (Israel) and the “great satan (USA) are finally taken away from them.

    Yes, such a war will exact an enormous price from Israel and America. But history brings us to such places. Millions of Americans were willing in the past to lay down their lives so that their country could defeat those aimed at robbing them of their freedom. Millions of Americans today, if they really knew how dark and terrible a menace was hanging over them, would be willing to fight again.

    Israel can and, I believe, would join forces with America against this threat. Only such an alliance will help secure both Israel and America’s survival and victory over the forces of Islam that are, in leaps and bounds, threatening the existence and freedom of us all.

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