Newsletter #294     Friday, August 11, 2006
Photo Fraud in Lebanon ( movie)
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  • Why Israel must win
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - August 11, 2006  In the past, our enemies were states. They wished to conquer Israel and take our land for themselves. Today our enemies do not wish to conquer Israel. They wish to destroy Israel as a stepping stone on their path toward global domination. An Israeli victory or defeat in the current war will influence not only Israel's future. It will influence the future of the free world as a whole. If Israel is defeated, if we do not fight to victory over Hizbullah, the march of jihad will move forward with unprecedented force.

  • Where Israel still = racism
    By Hillel Neuer - Jerusalem Post - August 10, 2006  If you thought the UN's 1991 repeal of the "Zionism is Racism" resolution, achieved by the determined efforts of then assistant secretary of state John Bolton, marked an end to the world body's promotion of this canard, guess again. On the same day that Iran's President Ahmadinejad renewed his call for the destruction of the Jewish state, the UN's top racism committee supplied Teheran with renewed international moral justification for that goal.

  • Kofi Annan to Hizbullah's rescue?
    Anne Bayefsky - Jerusalem Post - August 8, 2006
     But how did the UN respond to the aggression against the UN member state of Israel, which was launched once again from Lebanese territory and which continues to the present hour? By accusing Israel of murder, mass genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, the deliberate attack of children, and racism. UN actors have even denied that Hizbullah is a terrorist organization and analogized it to anti-Nazi resistance movements.

  • Why Israel Fights… …and why the U.S. must let her.
    William J. Bennett - National ReviewPost - August 11, 2006   If you are ever morally confused about a major world issue, here is a rule that is almost never violated: Whenever you hear that "world opinion" holds a view, assume it is morally wrong.

  • UN: Terrorism? What's That?
    By Claudia Rosett - National Review - August 8, 2006  Hezbollah among its butcheries to date has murdered more Americans than any other terrorist group except al Qaeda. But because the United Nations has not defined “terrorism,” the U.N. does not regard Hezbollah as a terrorist group. The U.N. does, of course, have a stack of “counter-terrorism” resolutions, and bestrides a dozen or so “international counter-terrorism conventions.” But without a clear definition of what terrorism entails, U.N. member states — including the liveliest terror sponsors — pay no penalty for interpreting these measures in any warped way they might choose, or effectively ignoring them altogether.

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  • Painful bloody Sunday

    by Stan Goodenough - Jerusalem Newswire - August 6, 2006

    Israel reeled in pain Sunday as the tens of thousands of metal balls inside a Katyusha rocket warhead pulverized 12 IDF soldiers to death in the Upper Galilee, and wounded another 12.

    Later in the day a rocket barrage brought a Haifa apartment block crashing down, killing three civilians and wounding 100 others.

    It was the bloodiest single day for Israel since the war to crush Hizb’allah and send a message to its terrorist state supporters began on July 12.

    Nearly 100 Israelis have now been killed in this war. Hizb’allah has fired 3,000 rockets towards populations in the Jewish state.

    Emergency services workers expressed their horror, and television cameras caught soldiers staggering around, their faces contorted in shock and anguish at the violent death they had just witnessed wreaked on their comrades,

    For some as yet unexplained reason the men, who had been sitting in a Kfar Giladi parking lot when the rocket ripped into them, had not taken cover despite the fact that an alarm had been sounded more than a minute before impact, according to someone at the scene.

    Ten men were killed outright. Two more died in hospital of their wounds.

    As shaking Israeli presenters commentators reported the carnage to their viewers, Palestinian Arabs in Samaria were seen rejoicing at the news and singing the praises of Hizb’allah chief Hassan Nasrallah.

    In line with their belief that Allah will vanquish Israel, Muslim Arabs in the Middle East habitually celebrate successful “suicide” bombings and other attacks.

    Later, as dusk descended on the Israeli port city of Haifa, six rockets came barreling in. One struck a residential building, bringing two apartments crashing down, killing one woman instantly and leaving others trapped under the rubble.

    Two more victims of this shelling died shortly after the attack.

    In total close on 200 rockets are believed to have hit northern Israel throughout the day Sunday.

    Shortly after the attack on Haifa, reporters in Lebanon said the people in that country were bracing for a painful Israeli response.

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