Newsletter #283     Friday, May 19, 2006
  • Olmert's mythological settlements
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - May 16, 2006  At the end of the day, Israel will achieve peace only when the Palestinians and the Arab world in general accept the fact that Israel will never be wiped off the map and so agree to peacefully coexist with the Jewish state. By asserting that the commingling of Jews and Arabs in Judea and Samaria is a cause of the war, Olmert is saying that there is no chance of ever coexisting with the Arabs. In so doing, he is effectively telling Israel's worst enemies that they are right - that the Jews are retreating and will eventually disappear if they keep fighting.

  • No 'mas: When are we getting tough with the PA?
    By Diana West - Jewish World Review - May 15, 2006  "After all, the United States and the European Union cut off aid to the PA two months ago in order to extract concessions — like, for instance, on Israel's right to exist. Hamas' response? No concessions. The United States and European Union are now cranking aid back up — sure, in humanitarian dribs and drabs, but this is probably just the beginning — and still no concessions. This doesn't sound like successful statecraft.

  • The day after 'Nakba Day'
    by Amnon Rubinstein - Jerusalem Post - May 15, 2006  But on this, the day after what the Palestinians call Nakba Day (when they mark the catastrophe of the creation of Israel), we should not forget that the Palestinians' suffering has been caused by their own leadership, the Arab countries, and, in particular, because so many of them continue to cling to the futile idea of destroying Israel.

  • I give up on Israel
    By Joseph Farah - - May 15, 2006  Like Jesus 2,000 years ago, I look at Jerusalem today and I weep. I know I speak for many Jews and Christians throughout the world who see Israel's surrender as a cowardly betrayal, a sign that the Jewish state puts more faith in Washington and "international diplomacy" than in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

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  • Amnesty Int'l biased against Israel, US
    By Ryan Jones - Jerusalem NewsWire - May 18, 2006

    As a leading liberal humanistic organization, Amnesty International has a vested interest in defaming the two nations whose policies are most based on biblical principles - Israel and the United States - and a new study shows it is doing just that.

    According to an in-depth survey by Capital Research Center:

    "Soft on tyrants and terrorists, hard on the free nations that confront them, Amnesty International has squandered its reputation as an impartial advocate for human rights," and has become "just another voice of the transnational Left."

    In Israel's case, Amnesty has over the past 16 months issued more reports against the Jewish state per capita than any other nation on earth.

    CRC used those numbers to turn the tables on Amnesty by citing "Moynihan's Law," which states that the greater the number of human rights complaints about a given country, the greater the likelihood that country is actually protecting human rights. Totalitarian regimes do not allow criticism of their policies.

    Furthermore, Amnesty had overstepped its bounds by getting involved in the territorial dispute between Israel and the Arabs in its open endorsement of a Palestinian Arab state, the report suggested. By contrast, Amnesty has never endorsed the national aspirations of the Kurds, Tibetans, or other peoples lacking sovereignty.

    The artificial "Palestinian" issue appears to be unique by virtue of the focus of its antagonism: Israel.

    Turning to the US, Amnesty Secretary General Irene Khan has termed the American-led war on terror, in which Israel is a key ally, as the greatest assault on human rights since the time of the Nazi Holocaust.

    "Not since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948 has there been such a sustained attack on [its] values and principles."

    Astonished by the assertion, CRC pointed out that during the past 58 years, scores of Communist, Islamic and other dictatorial regimes have trampled on human rights resulting in the deaths of millions.

    In her organization's latest annual report, Khan goes on to label America's maximum security prison at Guantanamo Bay, where some of the world's most dangerous Islamic terrorists are being held, as "the Gulag of our times."

    CRC contrasts that with Khan's recent call for the media to use more "politically correct" terms when talking about the terrorists themselves.

    "This is a call to the media not to say 'Islamic terrorist.'"

    Executive Director of Amnesty International USA William Shulz has gone even further, urging foreign governments to take top US officials, including Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and President George W. Bush, into custody and begin legal proceedings against them.

    While Khan and Shulz focus their efforts on demonizing Israel and the Bush Administration, CRC noted, the victims of truly repressive regimes around the world "are forgotten by a distracted Amnesty International."

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