Newsletter #282     Friday, May 12, 2006
  • America embraces the Hamas fantasy
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - May 12, 2006  In short, the US on Tuesday recommitted itself to a Middle East policy that has no connection to reality and thus no chance of ever succeeding. Indeed, failure is inevitable.

  • Scary Movie
    by Steve Feldman - - May 8, 2006  "Do you like scary movies? Forget about anything that Stephen King or Wes Craven or even Eli Roth could dream up. They are amateurs compared to filmmaker Pierre Rehov's latest. I'm talking about stuff that could make burly guys or emergency-room nurses avert their eyes and cover their ears; scenes so chilling that if you see them, you won't just have nightmares; they haunt you while you are awake. And it's a documentary.

  • Regional instability: its not about Israel
    By Aaron Lerner - - May 11, 2006  Iranian President Ahmadinejad's recent letter to US President George Bush provides an important reminder that it's not about Israel. Not the rise of radical Islam. Not the growing instability threatening the region - and beyond. The truth is that if Israel didn't exist these problems would be just as great and just as challenging (if not possibly more challenging).

  • Don't just memorialize the dead. Remember the living.
    By Laura Goldman - - May 8, 2006  On Holocaust day, the state of Israel came to a standstill to memorialize those that perished at the hands of the Nazis. There were thousands of ceremonies here and all over the world. It struck me as bizarre that during these thousands of ceremonies not one Jewish leader or Israeli politician even mentioned the Holocaust survivors that are still living. There was no talk of honoring and helping the living.

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  • Christian Zionist: The 'Palestinians' are Hamas
    By Stan Goodenough - Jerusalem NewsWire - May 11, 2006

    A A leading figure in the International Christian Zionist movement Tuesday took to task those governments that insist on continuing to send millions of Euros in financial aid to the Palestinian Arabs, despite the fact that those Arabs overwhelmingly elected the terrorist group Hamas into power.

    Malcolm Hedding, the South African-born director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), told members of the European Parliament attending a special meeting hosted by the European Coalition for Israel that Europe should not differentiate between people and their democratically elected governments.

    "Otherwise, what is democracy?" he asked, as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

    "At the end of the day, people have to be responsible for the people they put in power."
    Hedding made his remarks as the United States was debating with the rest of the Quartet on ways to get financial aid to Palestinian Arabs by bypassing the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority.

    Reports – which have since been denied by a senior but unnamed official in the Bush administration – indicate that America's earlier determination to stop all funding to the Palestinian Authority has been eroded. A mechanism is being worked out now by a Quartet committee whereby the needed funds can be channeled to the Palestinian Arabs.

    The ludicrousness of this evasion seems to be lost on the power brokers. Either that, or they insist on purposefully going ahead despite it.

    On the one hand the West – specifically the US – has made it a major foreign policy goal to plant democracy in the Islamic Middle East (notwithstanding the fact that Islam and democracy are anathematic to each other).

    In line with this, massive international efforts were made to ensure that the Palestinian Arabs held "free and fair" elections this past January.

    Under the approving gaze of former-US president Jimmy Carter, a great majority of Israel's "Palestinian" peace partners "freely and fairly" chose Hamas to head up their government.

    Carter even followed up by declaring that the PA elections had been a model of democracy.

    But after choosing, overwhelmingly and with eyes wide open, blood-soaked terrorists dedicated to anything but peace as their leaders, the "Palestinians" are paying a steep financial price.

    Determined to bail them out despite their open antagonism, the liberal nations of the West have concocted an artificial and transparent distinction between the general "Palestinian" public and those they elected.

    Hedding's refusal to play along with this plot provided context for the venomous words of a senior Hamas religious leader, who on the same day described Christian Zionists as criminals, enemies of the Palestinian Arabs, worshippers of Satan, and one of the greatest threats to world peace.

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