Newsletter #279     Friday, April 21, 2006
  • The Terrorist PA
    Jerusalem Post - April 19, 2006  The PA's highest echelons cannot and must not be absolved of responsibility for this latest massacre, even if it is Islamic Jihad's handiwork. Not only does the Hamas establishment not dissociate itself from the deadly attack on civilians, its own creed is also identical with that of Islamic Jihad. Hamas's charter declares that "the liberation of Palestine" - a euphemism for eradicating the Jewish state - "is the individual duty for every Muslim wherever he may be… Israel will exist only until Islam obliterates it." This is the mind-set that now governs the PA; this is the vicious message it seeks to spread to its people.

  • Young terrorists are made, not born
    Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook - Jerusalem Post - April 17, 2006  What drives a young Palestinian to turn his body into a bomb? Children are not born hating. It is something they learn - and the Palestinian Authority has been the ideal teacher. It has perfected the art of fomenting hatred, and promoting suicide terror. The first component in creating a terrorist is to promote hatred within the society by demonizing a target group. This target group is portrayed as so evil and threatening that killing its members is seen not as murder, but as justified revenge and admirable self defense.

  • For a new international community
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - April 20, 2006  For its part, Israel - which of course has no ability to build an alternate international system - must stop confusing its national interests with the interests of the international system whose current structure ensures its consistent support for Israel's enemies.

  • Terrorism cannot be fought everywhere but Palestine
    By Tashbih Sayyed, Ph.D. - - April 20, 2006  The most recent developments in the Middle East and the West Asia provide ample evidence that Washington's policies of appeasing Arab governments have created a very dangerous situation for the U.S. and its allies. The world has to understand that September 11 happened only because the world failed to realize that what Israel is up against is not just Israel's problem but a global problem. And without strengthening Israel's hand against Arab terrorism in the Jewish lands of Palestine no war on Islamist terror can be won.

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  • 'Wake up, Israel, we are at war!'
    By Ryan Jones - Jerusalem NewsWire - April 20, 2006

    Israel is at war with those who call themselves "Palestinians," and to attempt to sidestep that fact by pretending most Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza desire peaceful coexistence with the Jewish state is a dangerous illusion that will continue to keep victory out of Israel's reach.

    So said Likud lawmaker Yuval Steinitz in response to remarks made by Israeli President Moshe Katsav and Interim Knesset Speaker Shimon Peres during Monday's inauguration of the 17th Knesset.

    Addressing the newly-elected plenum, Peres said:

    "The Palestinian nation [sic] is not an enemy. It is a long-suffering people, most of which understands that they must live with us in peace."

    The elder statesman and architect of the now-defunct "Oslo Accords" reiterated his belief that terrorism is the enemy "of both peoples; not only our enemy, but also of the Palestinians."

    Kastav displayed a similar grasp of reality:

    "We want to believe that the political approach of the Hamas government is not the way of the Palestinians. I believe that most of the Palestinians support peace with Israel."

    Both men were clinging to liberal Israel's desired perception of the "Palestinians," a view has never been backed by anything more than the empty words of PLO officials seeking international legitimacy and funds. The actions of the general public, and now of their elected Hamas representatives, paint a different picture of Israel's "peace" partners.

    A poll conducted last month by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research found that 52.4 percent of Palestinian Arabs continue to back "armed attacks against Israeli civilians inside Israel," and a full two-thirds recognize terrorism "has helped achieve Palestinian national and political rights in ways that negotiations could not."

    Similar surveys conducted every few months for the past several years have yielded nearly identical results.

    Said Steinitz in an interview with Arutz 7:

    "The fact that our leaders do not recognize our enemies as such is dangerous. Their statements are a continuation of the game of false illusions."

    Stressing that he was not implying every single Arab wants war with Israel, and noting the presence of many who truly desire peace, Steinitz continued:

    "The Palestinian people are our enemy, as we have seen in their terrorism of the past years and all the more so in their election of Hamas, which does not recognize our existence and wants to destroy us. They have chosen the path of war."

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