Newsletter #273     Friday, March 10, 2006
  • Reading Palestinian intentions
    By Martin Sherman - - March 9, 2006  In principle, there are two countervailing hypotheses by which to account for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to prevailing conventional wisdom, the fuel of the conflict is the lack of Palestinian self-determination, and all the Palestinians want is to establish a state for themselves.
    There is, however, an alternative proposition, diametrically opposed to the former - and which in light of the deeds and declarations of the Palestinians themselves - appears the more plausible. According to this alternative explanation, the fuel of the conflict is not the lack of Palestinian self-determination but the existence of Jewish self-determination - thus, as long as Jewish self-determination continues, so will the conflict. Moreover, according to the alternative explanation, the goal of the Palestinians is not to establish a state for themselves but to dismantle a state for others - the Jews.

  • Evil's Heirs
    By Stan Goodenough - Jerusalem Watchman - March 8, 2006  Will you, will we, do nothing, Christians? Or will we who truly love Israel recognize and acknowledge the grave peril facing her people, and resolve to do everything in our power to ensure that never again will the threat of extinction hang over the head of the Jews? We do not have much time.

  • The legitimacy battlefield
    By Saul Singer - Jerusalem Post - March 10, 2006  In late 2000, Yasser Arafat realized how he could escape the pressure he had created by turning down Israel's offer of a state - by launching a terror war. This may seem counterintuitive: why would the international community - which blamed him for the failure of that summer's Camp David summit - blame Israel for being attacked? Arafat's strategy, however, worked. Israel quickly not only became the victim of multiple suicide bombings but was plunged into international isolation so thick it produced a wave of anti-Semitism as well.

  • The Price of Ignoring Palestinians' Needs
    By Natan Sharansky - - March 9, 2006  My fear is that the results of the Palestinian elections will discredit the whole concept of democratic reform in the Middle East. But that would be to discredit an idea without it having been tried. For all the talk of the need for Palestinian reform and democracy, the only thing that the world insisted upon was holding elections. Elections do not a make free society. Elections in a "fear society" in which there is no law and order, and in which democratic institutions are nonexistent, can bring the worst elements to power. I hope that the policy of promoting democracy in the Middle East has not been dealt a fatal blow.

  • Kadima vs. Israel
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - March 10, 2006  What the adamant public opposition to the Dubai deal shows is that regardless of how the administration may presently be treating Israel, if Israel elects a different government this month, the administration will not be able to easily oppose it if it decides to actually advance Israel's national interests for a change. Indeed, as is the case with the DPW deal, if a new Israeli government projects a powerful image in Washington, accompanied by a dedication to the goal of ending the Palestinian war in victory, not surrender, the American people will intuitively support it and force the administration to support it as well.

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