Newsletter #268     Friday, February 3, 2006
  • The lies we tell ourselves
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - February 3, 2006  The main truth that Hamas's rise to power has exposed is not that Palestinian society is perhaps the most genocidal society on the face of the planet. That has been clear for all to see for the past five and a half years of the enormously popular Palestinian terror war against Israel. What Hamas's ascent to power has uncovered is that in everything related to the Palestinian conflict with Israel, the policies of the US-led international community, like the policies of the current Israeli government, are predicated on myths rather than facts.

  • Amona and the death of Zionism
    By Yehuda Poch - - February 3, 2006   I am sitting here watching the expulsion of residents and supporters from the neighborhood of Amona, near Ofra north of Jerusalem. I am left wondering, as I watch pictures of IDF soldiers and police officers beating teenagers about the head and upper body, what kind of country allows this to happen. If any government anywhere in the world tried today to kick Jews out of their homes in that country, I would hope that the State of Israel would loudly protest, get the UN involved, and raise as much noise as possible about the inhumanity of the situation. But in Israel itself, such actions are okay, condoned by one and all -- because terrorists threaten us and the world pressures us.

  • National choices have national consequences
    By Charles Krauthammer - - February 3, 2006  The Palestinian people have spoken. According to their apologists, sure, Hamas wants to destroy Israel, wage permanent war and send suicide bombers into discotheques to drive nails into the skulls of young Israelis, but what the Palestinians were really voting for was efficient garbage collection. By a landslide, the Palestinian people have chosen these known stances: rejectionism, Islamism, terrorism, rank anti-Semitism and the destruction of Israel in a romance of blood, death and revolution. Garbage collection on Wednesdays.

  • The true nature of the struggle
    By Berel Wein - Jerusalem Post - January 31, 2006  The recent success of Hamas in the elections for the Palestinian parliament should serve to focus the attention of our leaders and public on a hard fact that Israel has always chosen to ignore until now: that the Arab-Israeli struggle is at its core a religious dispute. Only by appreciating and understanding this unpleasant but very real truth does the struggle take on a somewhat rational and understandable, and perhaps even predictable, pattern.

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  • One more time – Hamas won't accept Israel
    By Ryan Jones - Jerusalem Newswire - February 2, 2006

    In case anyone missed the various speeches by Hamas leaders since their electoral victory last week, Gaza-based Hamas chief Mahmoud al-Zahar has been kind enough to restate that upon assuming control of the Palestinian Authority his group will not disarm, will not recognize Israeli sovereignty over even one inch of this land, and will continue to work towards the Jewish state's ultimate demise.

    In an interview with Hizb'allah's Al-Manar TV on January 25, Zahar left no room for speculation as he spelled out exactly the kind of leadership Hamas intends to offer.

    Palestine means Palestine in its entirety - from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River, from Ras Al-Naqura to Rafah. We cannot give up a single inch of it. Therefore, we will not recognize the Israeli enemy's [right] to a single inch.”
    We will not give up the resistance in the sense of jihad, martyrdom-seeking, sacrifices...nor the shattering of the Israeli enemy's honor in all the confrontations...which ultimately led to its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank.”

    For those just joining us - “martyrdom-seeking” is common Muslim-speak for “blowing ones self up with a large quantity of explosives and taking as many infidels with you as possible, regardless of whether they are armed soldiers or defenseless women and children.”

    Turning to Hamas' plans for the education of children living under its rule, Zahar said:

    Our Ministry of Culture will teach them how the martyr is turned into prose, literature, and poetry, and how a woman who used to cook and do the laundry turns into one of the heroes of Palestine.”

    Hamas, like the rest of “Palestinian” society, has gone out of its way to lionize those who have given their lives murdering Jews, particularly the small handful of women who have done so.

    Meanwhile, Western governments continued this week to discuss and apply pressure as though there were a chance of “moderating” Hamas, of causing the deeply Islamic movement to drop its core beliefs and values.

    During his State of the Union address Tuesday, US President George W. Bush repeated what is becoming a mantra for him since last Wednesday's Hamas win:

    The leaders of Hamas must recognize Israel, disarm, reject terrorism, and work for lasting peace.”

    US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice backed up her boss while speaking to reporters a day earlier:

    The United States is not prepared to fund an organization that advocates the destruction of Israel, that advocates violence and that refuses its obligations.”

    Zahar's response to the American posturing:

    Why should we recognize Condoleezza Rice... or Israel's right to exist?”

    Indeed, the rising Hamas Authority has been all but guaranteed any Western financial aid lost over its policies will be made up for by its oil rich neighbors, loosing the “Palestinians” of their dependence on US and European money and the restrictions that dependence placed on their efforts to destroy Israel.

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