Newsletter #260     December 2, 2005

    The Land of Israel Necklace
    consists of a crystal glass pendant filled with the entire Land of Israel including Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nazareth, The Sea of Galilee, The Jordan River, The Dead Sea, as well as other locations. The earth inside has beautiful color variations creating a natural layered effect. By wearing the Land of Israel as a beautiful necklace, the land remains in one's consciousness and, literally, close to the heart.

    A Meaningful Gift!
  • The cost of incompetence
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - December 2, 2005  Apparently Mr. "Wipe Israel off the map" feels comfortable enough in his own shoes these days to expose himself not merely as the most overtly radical Iranian leader since the 1980s, but also as a wacko mystical prophet of genocide. And why shouldn't he feel that way? His speech about liquidating Israel went off with scarcely a hitch.

  • The Oslo illusion
    By Hal Lindsey - - December 2, 2005  The "Oslo Illusion" has thus far robbed Israel of most of its hard-won territories along the West Bank and Gaza. It has de facto reduced Israel's ability to defend itself from invasion. Radicals who have sworn they will destroy Israel are now filling the West Bank and Gaza strip. They have terrorized even their fellow Palestinians into submission.

  • Stop attacking our friends
    By Isi Leibler - Jerusalem Post - Nov. 29, 2005  And, contrary to what is frequently alleged, the attitude toward Israel of the vast majority of evangelicals is not related to ulterior motives such as a desire to convert Jews, or in order to hasten the Christ's return as the messiah. Most act unconditionally out of genuine love for those whom they consider to be God's chosen people.

  • “Israel Out of Jerusalem”
    By P. David Hornik - - December 2, 2005  It behooves Israel to understand that the world’s rough treatment of it and coddling of the Palestinians is based on deep-rooted, structural factors of Arab economic power and anti-Semitism, not on moral assessments of Israeli behavior. Israeli land concessions, particularly unilateral ones, are not seen as fortifying Israel’s position but as signaling that it accepts the charges against it, and as obliging further and further concessions.

  • The Temple Mount is...?
    by Ze´ev Orenstein - - November 30, 2005  If the State of Israel is unwilling to stand up and enforce the right of the Jewish people to Har HaBayit, our holiest site, then for what are we willing to stand and fight? For Gush Katif? For Hebron? For eastern Jerusalem?
    The Arabs are not a stupid people. They see that we are unwilling to stand up for what is ours - in this case, our holiest site - and they understand that if that is the case, then we will not truly stand up to them anywhere else in the Land of Israel either.

  • Gaza becomes thorn in Israel's side

    By Stan Goodenough - Jerusalem Newswire - December 2, 2005

    Israelis were promised that withdrawing from Gaza would result in being able to drop the area as a major security concern.

    But expected Palestinian Authority action against terror has not been forthcoming, the international community has not afforded Israel any meaningful understanding for its right to respond to and deter attacks on its citizens, and Gaza has instead become a thorn in Israel side.

    So said Brig.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, commander of the IDF's Gaza Division, in a message to Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz explaining that the number of terrorist incidents emanating from Gaza since Israel left the area “is enormous.”

    The army has reported 75 incidents of small arms fire from Gaza, 130 Kassam rocket and mortar shell attacks, and at least 18 bombs planted along the border fence – the smallest one weighing some 40 kilograms – since Israel's “disengagement” from the coastal strip, according to Ynet.

    “This isn't the border we intended” when Israel decided to relinquish Gaza under the directives of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Kochavi said.

    Many security experts, including Likud leadership candidate Binyamin Netanyahu, are warning this is just the beginning, and that Gaza is likely to become the gateway for an unprecedented wave of Islamic terrorism against Israel's Jews.

    Meanwhile, Senior Likud MK Yuval Steinitz issued a blistering attack against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz Thursday for reneging on their commitment to protect Israel from any post-Gaza withdrawal violence by unleashing a most severe military response at the first sign of “Palestinian” aggression.

    Instead, the IDF has been reduced to lobbing a few shells into open fields in retaliation for recent terrorist artillery attacks.

    “I am sure the Gazans are laughing at us more than they are scared by our shooting at them,” Steinitz, who chairs the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, told Arutz 7.

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