Newsletter #259     November 25, 2005

    The Land of Israel Necklace
    consists of a crystal glass pendant filled with the entire Land of Israel including Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nazareth, The Sea of Galilee, The Jordan River, The Dead Sea, as well as other locations. The earth inside has beautiful color variations creating a natural layered effect. By wearing the Land of Israel as a beautiful necklace, the land remains in one's consciousness and, literally, close to the heart.

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  • The Rafah Agreement is against the law, common sense and prudent self-defense
    By Ted Belman - - November 21, 2005  It seems that anything offered by Israel cannot be withdrawn and any actions by the Palestinians cannot be penalized. Meanwhile, the Roadmap is putting in place all things that were offered at Camp David --except, that is, for the end of incitement and violence. According to Rice, these issues are to be addressed after the Palestinian elections in January.

  • Hitting Hizbullah
    Jerusalem Post - Nov 22, 2005  Israel should be making clear to the US, France and the UN that, if Lebanon is not forced to disarm Hizbullah or move it away from our border, and if Syria is not forced to abandon its support for terrorism, Israel will be forced to act directly against the national interests of these regimes. Our message, in short, should be, either you act or we will. This, not coincidentally, should also be our new message with respect to the impotence of the Palestinian Authority. Israel cannot continue to be in a position of tit-for-tat retaliation against the terrorists themselves, while the regimes behind the terrorists escape scot-free.

  • The post-Sharon Likud
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - November 25, 2005  Aside from his own delusions of grandeur, two other calculations no doubt guided Sharon in his decision to leave Likud. First, given that his popularity is built on his evisceration and demonization of his party and party members, it is far from clear that Sharon would have won a primary race for Likud leadership. Second, the Likud will not support Sharon in his hypothetical next term if he moves to continue his policy of unilateral land giveaways to Palestinian terrorists in Judea and Samaria along the Gaza blueprint.

  • A parliament of terrorists
    By Ryan Jones - Jerusalem Newswire - November 24, 2005  The upcoming Palestinian Legislative Council election on January 26 promises to fill the parliament representing the people Israel is being forced to surrender land to with more recognized terrorists than ever before.

  • The Jewish refugees
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - November 22, 2005  For the past 12 years the governments of Israel have been playing poker with our lives and well-being by granting land, guns and legitimacy to terrorists. The only thing that has kept this country going is the fact that the Israeli people have refused to collapse. Once again, the vacuum created by government negligence, incompetence and vindictiveness is being filled by private citizens.

  • 'Forward' to division of the land

    By Ryan Jones - Jerusalem Newswire - November 22, 2005

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Monday told Israelis his new political party is committed to implementing the Road Map peace plan, and assured those listening that further unilateral withdrawals are not on his agenda.

    It is a promise Sharon has made before in order to get elected.

    And judging by the results of a public opinion poll conducted earlier this month by the One Nation movement, the vast majority of Israelis aren't buying it.

    Some 70 percent of his countrymen believe that Sharon will retreat from large parts of Judea and Samaria in his quest to draw Israel's final borders, a move that will necessitate the removal of at least 80,000 Jews from their homes.

    Earlier polls all showed widespread opposition to further withdrawals, even in the framework of a final peace agreement with the “Palestinians.”

    Media analyst Dr. Aaron Lerner said Sharon's deliberate softening of what most believe to be his true intentions is likely a ploy to “allow [Israelis] to feel comfortable voting for his party.”

    “It remains to be seen if such an approach boomerangs as the public resents the insult to their intelligence,” Lerner said.

    Later Monday, the originally-proposed name for Sharon's new party, “National Responsibility,” was apparently rejected either by the prime minister's circle of advisers or the national election commission.

    The name being thrown around Tuesday for the breakaway faction was “Kadima” - Hebrew for “forward.”

    It seems a fitting revision considering the aptly-nicknamed “Bulldozer” has proved himself determined to implement his policies, be they responsible or not.

    Ultra-leftist politician Yossi Beilin summed up the day by noting Sharon's formation of a new party unshackling him from the Likud's “Land of Israel” platform is “a big victory for supporters of sharing [sovereignty over] the land” with those who deny Israel's historic and biblical right to exist.

    Beilin hopes Sharon does manage to win a third term as prime minister, confident that if he does, the aging warrior will sign over to the Palestinian Arabs Israel's entire biblical heartland, including the eastern half of Jerusalem.

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