Newsletter #247     Friday, August 26, 2005

    The Land of Israel Necklace
    consists of a crystal glass pendant filled with the entire Land of Israel including Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nazareth, The Sea of Galilee, The Jordan River, The Dead Sea, as well as other locations. The earth inside has beautiful color variations creating a natural layered effect. By wearing the Land of Israel as a beautiful necklace, the land remains in one's consciousness and, literally, close to the heart.

    A Meaningful Gift!
  • The End of Mythology
    by Caroline Glick - Jerusalem Post - August 25, 2005  The exodus of the Jews of Netzarim from their synagogue, standing behind their menora; the embracing of the IDF and police forces who came to expel them by the residents of Katif and Atzmona, followed by quiet exoduses from their homes – these decisions, and a million smaller and greater ones, belied the propaganda that these Jews are an obstacle to peace. When we contrast the behavior of the expelled residents to that of the Palestinians over the same period, we see, too, that for the Palestinians, terrorism is not a weapon of weakness or evidence of desperation, but rather a strategic choice. It is a weapon that defines them as a society as much as moderation and humility characterize the now homeless Jews of Gaza and northern Samaria.

  • Courage of a Nation
    by Evelyn Gordon - Jerusalem Post - August 25, 2005  The behavior of the vast majority of evicted settlers was also awe-inspiring. Though the media preferred to focus on the handful of hooligans who hurled eggs, paint balloons and cries of "Nazi," the majority set a standard of love for their fellow citizens that would be hard to equal. How many people, faced with the loss of their homes, their jobs and their entire communities, could nevertheless offer cold drinks to those who came to evict them, as Atzmona residents did on Sunday? How many people, in such a situation, could nevertheless view their evictors as brothers rather than enemies, and therefore exchange hugs with them?

  • Hamas's Hangover
    By Barry Rubin - - August 22, 2005  Hamas has been growing in strength and a combination of factors will continue that trend in Gaza. First, the incompetence of the Fatah-dominated government will drive people to the Islamists. Second, the claim that terrorism brought results--endorsed by Abbas and his group--lets Hamas pose as the terrorism experts. Third, Hamas will now govern large areas of the Gaza Strip without being challenged by the Palestinian Authority.

  • The Stakes After Gaza
    By Charles Krauthammer - Jewish World Review - August 26, 2005   It is not the Gaza withdrawal itself but what follows that could lead to another and final extinction of Jewish independence, this time not just for 2,000 years but forever. What follows is the world saying, almost in unison, that the Gaza evacuation is just the beginning of a total Israeli retreat, one Dunkirk to be followed by many more. What follows is Condoleezza Rice declaring that "it cannot be Gaza only," a thrilling encouragement to the Palestinians jeering the Israeli withdrawal with chants of "Gaza today, Jerusalem tomorrow." Is this what the Bush administration wants? More unilateral concessions to an implacable enemy whose "moderate" leader, Mahmoud Abbas, declares that "we will not rest until they leave from all our land" — when Palestinian maps show "our land" as nothing less than all of British Palestine with Israel totally eradicated?

  • Chicken games
    By Cal Thomas - - August 22, 2005   The pieces of chicken represent land. The Palestinian/Arab/Muslim side are crocodiles. Get it? Most Westerners do not. Israel tosses pieces of land at the Palestinian side, but once it is consumed, the Palestinians only want more until their real objective - the consumption of Israel - is reached and their hunger satiated.

  • Israel, PA haggle over Hamas election bid
    Jerusalem Newswire - August 26th, 2005

    In a flagrant breach of the peace-making agreement the Palestinian Authority has signed with Israel, PA “president” Mahmoud Abbas told a French newspaper Thursday he would not prevent the Hamas terrorist organization from participating in upcoming “Palestinian” elections.

    “We believe in the principles of democracy. So if we want to build a democracy, we must accept the consequences of democracy” by allowing everyone to participate, Abbas told La Liberation.

    Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni responded Friday morning by saying Hamas must not be allowed to run for the Palestinian Legislative Council without first renouncing its policy of murdering Israeli Jews as a political and religious tactic.

    Israel's Interim Agreement with the Palestinian Authority (or “Oslo II”) forbids the “nomination of any candidates, parties or coalitions” that “commit or advocate racism” or “pursue the implementation of their aims by unlawful or non-democratic means.” (Annex II, Article II)

    The PLC election scheduled for January 21, 2006 would be the first Hamas had participated in. The group is expected to make a strong showing.

    Hamas' participation in internationally-backed elections would lend a degree of legitimacy to the terror group that would be nearly impossible to erase, Israeli legal experts have warned.

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