Newsletter #242     Friday, July 22, 2005

    Jews Don't Expel Jews!
    Jews Don't Expel Jews!
  • No to 'Disengagement'
    by Joseph Farah - - July 22, 2005  Sometimes, you just have to realize when to say no to a bad idea. That's what Israel and the United States need to realize about the plan to force thousands of Jews from their homes and businesses in the Gaza Strip next month. It is ethnic cleansing. It is racism. It is an invitation to another genocide.

  • Eyeless in Gaza
    By Barbara Lerner - National Review - July 19, 2005   The "Palestinian democracy" we rattle on about is a mirage no desert-dweller is seduced by. Abu Mazen is president of nothing; his Fatah party no longer exists. It never was anything but a collection of competing terrorist gangs, but Arafat was a master manipulator who controlled them all by keeping the big carrots and sticks in his own hands and wielding them with ruthless cunning. With his death, Fatah splintered into a multitude of shifting groups and now they're not just competing — they're at war, regularly breaking up each others meetings with gunfire and shooting each other down in the streets, along with hapless bystanders.

  • The Disengagement Lie
    Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu - Jerusalem Post - July 17, 2005   From the very day Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced his policy of disengagement from Gaza and portions of northern Samaria, Israelis have been asked to buy into a set of lies. The claim that the plan gets us out of Gaza is also nonsense.

  • Democracy and disengagement
    by Evelyn Gordon - Jerusalem Post - July 20, 2005  A friend asked me last weekend what disengagement opponents sought to accomplish by blocking roads, clashing with security personnel and urging soldiers to disobey orders. Don't they understand, she asked, that such actions merely alienate the public, and in a democracy, the key to success is winning over public opinion? I still do not know whether to laugh or cry over that question. The answer, of course, is that these protesters have no interest in public opinion, because they do not believe that democracy works. This is a generation that has been taught to scorn democracy – not by their rabbis, but by Ariel Sharon. And this may yet prove to be disengagement's most devastating legacy.

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  • And Then They Came After Us
    Victor Davis Hanson - National Review - July 22, 2005
    We’re at war. How about acting like it?
    First the terrorists of the Middle East went after the Israelis. From 1967 we witnessed 40 years of bombers, child murdering, airline hijacking, suicide murdering, and gratuitous shooting. We in the West usually cried crocodile tears, and then came up with all sorts of reasons to allow such Middle Eastern killers a pass. In any case, anti-Semitism, oil, fear of terrorism — all that and more fooled us into believing that Israel’s problems were confined to Israel. So we ended up with a utopian Europe favoring a pre-modern, terrorist-run, Palestinian thugocracy over the liberal democracy in Israel. The Jews, it was thought, stirred up a hornet’s nest, and so let them get stung on their own.

  • Same Threat
    By Joel Mowbray - | July 21, 2005  After the terrorist attacks in London, the Sun Online in the UK published a special feature of Islamic terrorist attacks that have occurred around the world since 1993. The world map posted by the Sun for this feature showed dots all over the atlas—except one area that is notably dot-free. If this graphic is to be believed, then practically the only place in the world to have been untouched by Islamic terrorism in the past decade is Israel...
    Already, many have attempted to claim that the “reason” for the London attacks was Britain’s involvement in the war in Iraq. There is a “reason” why four young British men took their own lives in order to murder more than 50. But it’s not Iraq. It’s not Afghanistan. It’s not Israel. It’s radical Islam.

    Special Icej Release On Disengagement - July 21, 2005

    "For behold, in those days and at that time,
    When I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem,
    I will also gather all nations,
    And bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
    And I will enter into judgment with them there
    On account of My people, My heritage Israel,
    Whom they have scattered among the nations;
    They have also divided up My land.
    They have cast lots for My people,
    Have given a boy as payment for a harlot,
    And sold a girl for wine, that they may drink."
    Joel 3:1-3 (NKJV)
    The Bible is clear about the fact that those nations that divide the Land of Israel will incur the disfavour of God. So, the conflict now unfolding in Gaza has serious implications for all the world. The Land of Canaan belongs to God! He has bequeathed it to the Jewish people as an everlasting possession as part of His plan for world redemption. To meddle with that which God has given is a grave oversight. The nations must be warned and even though they happily discount the reality of the God of Heaven, they will soon hear from Him and are!

    On the other hand, the prophets have always spoken to Israel about her spiritual condition. Her departure from serving the God of her forefathers has always led to judgment, anguish and trouble within her borders. In addition the God of the Bible has always warned Israel about making alliances with foreign nations that in the end bring her to a place of compromise and land forfeiture. Israel is called upon to trust God fully.

    The present drama unfolding in Gaza is therefore complex and cannot be reduced to simplistic deductions. As an organization that has a proven track record of standing with Israel, we do speak out today in the following way:

    (1) We are convinced that Israel is placing herself in grave and serious danger by the "Gaza pullout". We are not persuaded at all of the peaceful intentions of the Palestinian people. On the ground in Gaza, where the majority influence is Hamas, they unashamedly declare their desire to remove the Jews from what they call "Muslim soil". They will most definitely continue their violent struggle from their new vantage point after disengagement. We fear that Kassam missiles will soon rain down on Ashdod and Ashkelon.

    (2) We affirm that all nations participating in the present process to divide the land will eventually fall into the hands of the Living God. He has not changed and those nations like Assyria, Babylon and Rome that engaged in "this business" are now extinct. Why should it be different in the future?

    (3) We lovingly call upon Israel to call for a Day of Humility and Repentance. The God of the Bible has always responded to your cry and will do so now. We will never tell you what to do because we respect your democracy but we feel that we must urge you to cast yourselves upon the God who has borne you on "Eagles' wings" for centuries. He will not fail you now. He will hear your cry when you call upon Him with all your heart (2 Chronicles 7:14).

    (4) We urge the Church to come to a place of urgent and persistent prayer. Israel is in real danger. The avalanche of anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism in the world is alarming. Now is the time to rise up and pray. Pray for Israel's leaders, pray for wisdom, pray for deliverance and pray for Israel's redemption. Please note that we have often stated that to pray for Israel without reference to her spiritual condition is to disconnect yourself from the purpose of God. God is dealing with Israel and in the end He will have His way with her.

    (5) We urge Christians everywhere to reject all forms of anti-Semitism and to pray for the Jewish communities of Gaza. These precious people were encouraged to settle in the region by a government that is now determined to remove them. Whatever the debate may be in Israel about this, the undeniable fact is that we are looking at a very real human tragedy. Men, women and children are being uprooted from their homes and familiar surroundings with very painful and traumatic consequences. They need our prayers and comfort.

    The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is fully committed to the above position and always has been. We urge all our supporters to act now and help us fulfill our calling to be a light of love and comfort to Israel.

    Malcolm Hedding
    Executive Director
    International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

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