Newsletter #230     Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Passover

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    Passover 2005

  • Two Kinds Of Christians
    By Bob Westbrook - April 17, 2005  In the progression of Jewish-Christian relations, an interesting development has occurred in recent years. During a conversation I had with a prominent Israeli leader, this person said, "We Jews now understand that there are two kinds of Christians -- those who love us, and those who do not".

  • Whom should we back?
    Jerusalem Post - April 21, 2005  What was initially whispered in Washington and Jerusalem is no longer a secret: Mahmoud Abbas is losing altitude. The Palestinian Authority leader whose electoral success was originally hailed - mainly by those who were either tendentious or ignorant - as the dawn of a new era is actually failing to rule.

  • Pope Benedict XVI
    Jerusalem Post - April 20, 2005  It is a shame that some Israeli newspapers, along with some newspapers elsewhere, sensationalized the Catholic church's choice of a new pope with headlines like, "White smoke, black past" and "From Nazi Youth to the Vatican." Our own headline, "New pope hailed for Jewish ties," we must say, would seem more fair and accurate. A German pope could be in a unique position to go even further than his predecessors in facing the Vatican's troubled and not fully revealed role during the terrible era that he lived through as a young man.

  • Pollard's freedom and our freedom
    by Caroline Glick - Jerusalem Post - April 22, 2005  Israeli and American policymakers alike have repeatedly claimed that by strengthening PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, he will gain legitimacy among the Palestinians to move ahead with peace with Israel. They also claim that in the aftermath of Israel's planned removal of its forces and expulsion of its citizenry from northern Samaria and Gaza this summer, the PA will be strengthened and that as a result, chances for peace will be increased. Yet again, the facts on the ground belie this view.

  • Settlements are the litmus test of possible peace
    By Alexander Maistrovoy - - April 16, 2005  If Israel begins to destroy the settlements on a massive scale in Judea and Samaria, Palestinians will consider it not only their victory, but their supreme license to continue in their campaign to destroy the Jewish State. It will mean that the "Zionists" are not only stepping back but that they themselves don't believe in their destination, their right to live in this land and have their own state. And then, for Arabs at least but for many others as well, the fall of Israel will be only a question of time.

  • The Jewish predicament
    by Yehuda Avner - Jerusalem Post - April 21, 2005   Close to 60 years after its establishment, Israel remains something of a curio in the family of nations. Its diplomats do their professional best to represent their country as a normal sovereign nation, but the truth is that the Jewish state can't quite shake off being the odd state out. This would be anathema to the Zionist theorists and thinkers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, whose essential hypothesis was that once the Jewish people enjoyed what every other normal nation possesses - a country of their own - they would automatically enter the family of nations as a normal people and anti-Semitism would shrivel and die. This sounds like satire today, but the earliest theorists did not foresee the awesome obstacles strewn along the path.

  • Tribute to the Settlers
    by Larry Hall - - April 22, 2005  One day, we will understand their real contribution. This day may come too late for the fissures and fractures among Israelis and Jews worldwide. If that is the case, the recognition will be even more poignant. To the settlers of Gush Katif: you are the heroes of the Jewish people in these trying times. You constitute one of the last barriers between a continuation of the national mission and some form of physical and spiritual collapse.

  • Israel expects full-scale Mideast war in 2006
    By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff - - April 21, 2005

    Israel has reportedly expressed its belief to Washington that Iran and several of its Arab allies are preparing for a full-scale war against the Jewish state, possibly following the expected US withdrawal from Iraq in 2006.

    Unnamed US officials told Middle East Newsline this week that according to Israeli assessments, the departure of most American forces from the region would lead to increased tensions and provide an atmosphere ripe for an escalation of violence.

    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon “has relayed repeated messages to the administration that Iran and its Arab allies were preparing for war,” one official said.

    Sharon reportedly raised the issue with President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney during his recent visit to the US, telling the Americans that an Iran emboldened with the acquisition of nuclear weapons would seek to form a regional alliance against Israel.

    Israeli military intelligence reported earlier in the month that the Lebanese terrorist organization Hizballah is already planning a major offensive along Israel’s northern border, likely at the behest of Tehran.

    But Washington has been largely dismissive of Israel’s assessments of Iran’s nuclear program, and therefore the presence of any serious threat in the near future.

    "Our intelligence community has used in the past an estimate that said that Iran was not likely to acquire a nuclear weapon before the beginning of the next decade," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said on April 13. "That remains the case."

    American’s top priority in the region at this time, officials said, was to ensure Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria and the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state on the Jews’ biblical heartland.

    The birth of Palestine, the Bush administration continues to insist, would effectively put an end to regional animosity towards Israel.

    "If you resolve the Israeli-Palestinian issue, you've resolved the problem with extremism," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said.

    The Jewish state, however, suffered three full-scale Arab-initiated wars and countless terrorism attacks during the 19 years prior to taking control of Judea, Samaria and Gaza in 1967.

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