Newsletter #229     Friday, April 15, 2005

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  • Bush vs. Democracy
    by Caroline Glick - Jerusalem Post - April 15, 2005  So there we have it: Not only has US policy of safeguarding the PA while insisting on further Israeli land concessions to the PA made terrorism the choice of the Palestinian electorate, but Ariel Sharon's decision to go along with the US has made him chart a policy course that leads, as he stated so well himself a decade ago, to grave dangers to Israeli democracy.

  • Statements by US Pres Bush and PM Sharon following meeting - Apr 11, 2005

  • Sharon gets the ranch treatment
    Jerusalem Post - April 12, 2005  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's first visit to US President George W. Bush's ranch was picturesque, as expected, but the diplomatic picture was of two leaders dancing around areas of disagreement. The question is whether underlying this somewhat awkward result lies a meeting of the minds at the deeper strategic level.

  • The Temple Mount Secret
    By Boris Shusteff - - April 12, 2005  To put it plainly, in an age of political correctness, freedom of religion and all sorts of rights, Jews in the Jewish state are forbidden to pray at the holiest Jewish site. "The Temple Mount is not one of many places in the Land of Israel we have yet to conquer; not just a link, but rather it is the basis, the foundation, in fact the foundation-stone."

  • Sharon leading Israel into civil war
    By Ben Shapiro - - April 14, 2005   Israel, which purports to have both collective defense and an effective national government, continually sacrifices its borders for the chimera of peace. Instead of security, they have reaped bloodshed. Right now, Sharon's refusal to support the brave Jews who face Arab mortars in Gaza may seem prudent. But will the same logic hold when Arab terrorists, emboldened by capitulation, begin firing Qassams into Tel Aviv?

  • A Message to Prime Minister Sharon at the Ranch
    JINSA Report #483 - April 11, 2005  After the wrenching Gaza disengagement; after the return of security control to the PA in large swaths of Judea and Samaria; after promises of a fruitful and peaceful future, what will you do with the “right of return”? You will choke on it. You might as well choke on it now. The United States and Israel have to have a united front on this one, and the Palestinians will have to hear what they don’t want to hear - BEFORE the rest of the deal is called done. And if it sinks Road Map now so be it.

  • Kill a Jew, Get His House
    By David Bedein - - April 14, 2005  No democratic state should ever do business with terrorists, let alone those who would target school buses. But Israel, under pressure from the United States, may be forced to do just that. There is a story in the Bible about a king who transfers the property of a murdered man to the possession of the man who murdered him: "Have you murdered him and inherited him at the same time?" Such is the case with the U.S. insistence that Israel hand over assets to Muhammad Dahlan.

  • The Gaza Strip: Myths and Facts - Part II
  • The Gaza Strip: Myths and Facts - Part III
    by Barry Verstaendig -

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  • Human Rights, UN-style
    By James S. Tisch - Jerusalem Post - April 14, 2005  Today and Friday the United Nations Commission on Human Rights will pass resolutions on human rights situations around the world. This body of 53 states will not reproach Iran, Saudi Arabia, China or many other notorious violators of human rights. Genocidal Sudan may get slapped on the wrist. It is certain, though, that Israel will be condemned in five separate resolutions, four more than any other country. Without substantive reform of its composition and practices, the commission's role in the Arab-Israeli conflict will recall Macbeth's lament: "a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more," its resolutions "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

  • White House highlights double standard on Hamas
    By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff - - April 14, 2005

    Hamas is recognized by the US State Department as a terrorist organization, but the Bush White House says it has no objection to members of the group who wear suits and don’t openly bear arms playing the role of legitimate politicians.

    A recent public opinion survey conducted by the Al-Mustiqbal Center in Gaza indicated Hamas could win a considerable number of seats in the upcoming elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council.

    Fifty-two percent of respondents said they would be voting for Hamas, while only 13 percent said they would cast a ballot for PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction.

    Hamas would gain even more power if, as expected, it chooses to run on a joint list with its sister Islamic terror group, the Islamic Jihad.

    At Wednesday’s White House press briefing, WorldNetDaily’s Les Kinsolving asked spokesman Scott McClellan how the Bush administration would react to Hamas assuming majority control over the PA legislature.

    Failing to recognize the differences between Western and Middle Eastern politics, McClellan responded that “when people have elections that are free and fair … they tend to choose people who are committed to improving their livelihood, not people who are committed to terrorist acts.”

    McClellan asserted that even though Hamas had already won several local elections, the group’s candidates in those instances were “business professionals … not terrorists.”

    Indicative of the type of leadership Hamas would provide, Gaza-based Hamas leader Mohammed al-Zahar told The Times of London Thursday that Israel’s decision to withdraw from the Gaza Strip was a clear victory for “Palestinian” terrorism, and an inspiration for further violence.

    “Very simply, nobody can deny that if Israel is going to leave the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank, that was because of the intifada, because of the armed struggle, because of the big sacrifices of Hamas for this goal. It was not because of negotiations, or the goodwill of Israel, or the Americans or Europeans,” Zahar said.

    Hamas is dedicated to the violent eradication of the Jewish state, and has killed hundreds of Israeli men, women and children over the past four years.

    Signaling that not all Americans hold to the notion that Hamas can be both a terrorist entity and legitimate provider of goodwill, a US district court Wednesday convicted three US Muslims for transferring funds to Hamas, which also conducts charitable activity.

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