Newsletter #217     Friday, January 14, 2004

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Sharon orders all contact cut off with PA government
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has ordered all contact cut with newly elected Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas until Abbas reins in terrorists, a Sharon spokesman said Friday. The report comes following a deadly attack Thursday night, in which six Israelis were killed. Five other civilians were wounded in the combined bombing and shooting attack. Among the casualties were security guards, terminal workers and drivers. "Israel informed international leaders today that there will be no meetings with Abbas until he makes a real effort to stop the terror," said Sharon spokesman Assaf Shariv.

Meet the New Boss....

  • Meet the New Boss
    By Joseph Farah - - January 10, 2005  During a speech to the Palestinian Legislative Council in the fall of 2003, Abbas explained in Arabic that the roadmap calls for "striking and uprooting the [terrorist] organizations." He said he successfully "surmounted" this problem – meaning he ignored it. In other words, quite clearly, what Abbas says in English to Western audiences is at odds with what he says in Arabic to his constituents. Does this sound familiar? It is exactly what we witnessed with Arafat for more than 40 years.

  • When you wish upon a star...
    By Cal Thomas - - January 12, 2005  "When you wish upon a star your dreams come true." That line from Jiminy Cricket in "Pinocchio" seems to sum up the wishful thinking the Bush Administration wants to employ after last Sunday's Palestinian election.

  • Deciphering Mahmoud Abbas
    By Daniel Pipes - - January 11, 2005  He no more accepts what he so charmingly the other day called the “Zionist enemy” any more than Arafat did (or Hamas or Palestinian Islamic Jihad), but he is open to a multiplicity of means to destroy it. As he announced after his electoral victory this week, “the lesser jihad [holy war] is over and the greater jihad is ahead.”

  • The problem with Mahmoud Abbas
    By Jeff Jacoby - - January 10, 2005  Abbas is no moderate. His election is not a step toward peace. What was true in Afghanistan and Iraq is true in the Palestinian Authority as well: Without regime change, freedom and democracy are impossible. President Bush got it right in 2002: The Palestinians need "new leaders . . . not compromised by terror." They still do.

  • How to help Abbas
    Jerusalem Post - January 10, 2005  This time, if the international community really cares about ending terror and the success of the Palestinian democratic project, it must behave differently. Financial support for the new-old Palestinian leader must be tightly linked both to ending terrorism and violence and to democratic reforms.

  • The Darkest Hour
    by Angela Bertz - - January 13, 2005  Abu Mazen, the stylishly dressed successor to, and for 40 years, lackey of, Yasser Arafat has the world spellbound.

  • Gratitude? Yeah, Right
    by Jack Engelhard - - January 13, 2005  So which is it, Bill, moderate or radical? Does it depend on which day of the week? On Monday he's a moderate, on Thursday he's a radical. Is that how it works, or has someone gone soft in the head?
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  • The demographic bomb is a dud
    By Caroline Glick - Jerusalem Post - January 14, 2005   What if the numbers are wrong? What if the doomsday scenarios we hear on a daily basis, arguing that Israel is about to be overrun by the Arab womb, are all based on fraudulent data – part of an ingenious Palestinian plan to psychologically manipulate Israel into capitulating?

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