Newsletter #214     Friday, December 17, 2004

"Palestinian" Democracy

  • Shouldn't Palestinians have a real election?
    By Clifford D. May - - December 16, 2004  But why should Palestinians make hard choices if they don't have to and they're not being asked to? What's the point if, at the end of the “campaign,” there's only one candidate who stands any chance of winning and he is arguing for resolving the conflict while praising those continuing the conflict?

  • The PA's Non-contest
    Jerusalem Post - December 16, 2004  We hope to be proven wrong the morning after next month's election, but prospects are high that, like Arafat before him, Abbas, too, will be intimidated by opponents who will enjoy the benefits of maximum authority and minimum responsibility.

  • Palestinians Do Not Need Another Tyrant
    By Natan Sharansky - - December 13, 2004  Just as the democratic world did not care how Arafat ruled, it may not care how his successor rules. Indeed, we already hear those who argue that the biggest danger today is chaos in the Palestinian areas and stress the need to quickly identify a Palestinian strongman who will keep order, enforce his will on extremists and forge a deal with Israel. If we heed this advice, we will only repeat the tragic mistake of Oslo.

  • Jimmy Carter to supervise PA elections
    Jerusalem Post - December 16, 2004
    From Little Green Footballs:
    As Jimmy Carter gets ready to barge into Israel and certify another bogus Palestinian election, LGF reader Barak Moore reminds us of this must-read essay by Daniel Polisar, showing what happened the last time Carter gave his stamp of approval: Read this and you'll know exactly why the Palestinians want Carter back;

    Yasser Arafat and the Myth of Legitimacy.

  • Ominous Silence
    Jerusalem Post - December 13, 2004  The time to start holding Abbas to a higher standard is now. It was once thought that even a terrorist leader like Arafat would clean up and become responsible once handed full power, ratified by elections. We should know better by now.
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  • Chanukkah tradition lives in the window
    By Lori Borgman - Jewish World Review - December 15, 2004   As a Christian, there is a quiet reassurance in knowing the Hebrew traditions are being passed to another generation, for the roots of the Christian faith are forever intertwined with the Jewish faith. Without the Jews there would have been no Joseph, no Mary, and no baby boy born in a manger stall.

United Nations

  • UNdiplomatic Imbalance
    By Anne Bayefsky - National Review - December 13, 2004  Given that the major client of U.N. largess is the Palestinian surrogate for Arab and Islamic warlords, it is a wonder that the experts on U.N. reform didn't see fit to mention the impact of the bull in their china shop. So let's cut through all of the talk and meetings and discussion groups on U.N. reform to the root cause of U.N. disease. Arab and Islamic states have the U.N. in a chokehold and, so far, no one is prepared to do anything about it.

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