Newsletter #213     Friday, December 10, 2004

 Happy Hanukkah!  
  • A week in a Middle East Utopia
    By Caroline B. Glick - Jewish World Review - December 10, 2004  Few in Israel, and in the US for that matter, are particularly interested in analyzing what is happening with the Palestinians or the Egyptians today. This is so because it is considered impolitic, not to mention extremist, to point out anything that might cast doubt on the viability of Sharon's plan to abandon Gaza and northern Samaria while expelling some 10,000 Israelis from their homes, farms and communities.

  • Candidate Barghouti
    By P. David Hornik - - December 10, 2004  In the aftermath of the U.S. presidential elections, speculation is already starting on who might run in 2008. One name being raised as a possible candidate is Ramzi Yousef, convicted mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993. That, of course, is a hoax. The notion of a jailed, mass-murdering terrorist running for president is ludicrous. In America. That's not the case, though, in the Palestinian Authority.

  • 'Right of return' returns
    by Zalman Shoval - Jerusalem Post - December 7, 2004  In signing on to the road map, Israel a priori agreed to Palestinian statehood. But by adhering to the "right of return" Palestinians in effect deny the very right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state. This is not about splitting hairs, but about a basic lack of equilibrium Israel cannot ignore. Nor should anyone who wants to play a part in achieving peace in the region.

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  • What is Chanukah?
    Paul Greenberg - - December 8, 2004  So does history say more about the time in which it is written than the time it describes. The message of Chanukah changes from age to age. And the past we choose to remember becomes the truest reflection of any present. When Chanukah is celebrated with pride, a fall is sure to come. When it inspires only humble wonder, hope is justified.

  • Chanukah: The Light of Love
    By Rabbi David Aaron - Jewish World Review - December 10, 2004  Without the light of Chanukah we would be totally blind to the true Chanukah victory — - the triumph of G-d's love.

  • The dark side of the lights
    By Suzanne Fields - Jewish World Review - December 10, 2004  These popular icons of religious decoration — the tree and the menorah — are as much a part of the American culture as of the culture of Christians and Jews, brightening the dark winter nights with festive illumination. The lights lift the spirit and testify to the ways Americans live together, honoring different religious heritages brought to these shores by our ancestors.

  • The Real Hanukah Story
    By Moshe Dann - - December 8, 2004   Why do we light lights on Hanukah? The traditional explanation is to commemorate a miracle. The oil for the menorah in the Temple was only enough to last for a day, yet it lasted for eight days. But the rabbis may have had another message -- to turn us away from military and political achievements towards a spiritual direction.

United Nations

  • Jerusalem Summit Condemns UNRWA
    By Moshe Dann - - December 7, 2004  "The Greatest Obstacle to Peace in the Middle East" it turns out is not Jewish "settlements," but the United Nations, and specifically one of its agencies, UNRWA. This was the conclusion of experts at last week's Jerusalem Summit, an annual conference that brings together important thinkers from around the world on issues relating to Israel.

  • UN self-interest
    Jerusalem Post - December 7, 2004  The UN, on the brink of irrelevancy, is struggling to save itself. Given its antipathy toward the Zionist enterprise, should we help it succeed or hope that it heads over the edge?

  • Proposals for U.N. reform hold both promise and peril for Israel
    By Michael J. Jordan - JTA - December 6, 2004    Therein lies the rub for Israel: Of the five permanent, veto-bearing Security Council members — the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia and China — only the United States is particularly supportive of Israeli actions, often brandishing its veto to defend Israel from one-sided condemnation. Nothing in the new report — titled “A More Secure World” — suggests the break-up of that core quintet, as only Russia has seemed willing to extend veto power to additional nations.

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