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Arafat: Aftermath

  • Surprise! ‘Palestinians’ still back terror
    By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff - November 19, 2004  Two new “Palestinian” public opinion polls offered disappointing results for those in the West that believed the death of long-time PLO mass murderer Yasser Arafat would signal a shift in the violent ambitions of the Palestinian Arabs.

  • Arafat may be dead, but the same dumb ideas are rising from the grave
    By Jonathan S. Tobin - - November 18, 2004   In much of what we laughingly call the "civilized world," the death of arch-terrorist and murderer Yasser Arafat was mourned with the usual solemnity given to a distinguished head of state. Indeed, much of the international media gave Arafat's send-off the "Princess Di" treatment, with lengthy biographies in which platitudes about his symbolic value as the leader of the Palestinian cause were augmented by euphemisms about the tactics employed by his henchmen.

  • Sanctimonious send-off
    Sarah Honig - Jerusalem Post - November 18, 2004  During the entire unthinkable obsession with terror's modern mentor, no one evinced the slightest sympathy for our pain, for Arafat's numerous Jewish victims, for little children deliberately targeted since 1964 (before any so-called occupation) and butchered in their pajamas at home, on the school bus, in the pizza parlor, in their baby buggies, and anywhere else that ordinary folks everywhere consider it their inalienable right to be safe.

  • No field of dreams
    By Micah D. Halpern - - November 16, 2004   There is little chance that liberal democracy will succeed in the Palestinian Authority. Not now. Not for a long time. Am I being pessimistic? No, I am not. I have spent years studying and analyzing the Palestinian people.

  • A Maudlin Mania
    by Steven Plaut - - November 19, 2004  The mind-numbing stupidity of the world media mourning Arafat in great cries of anguish, the fawning toadying of political leaders, the maudlin outpouring of love for the cause of the fallen terrorist Nazi - all are understandable. There is nothing at all confusing about it. These people are not broadcasting their undying love of Palestinians, but rather their undying hatred of Jews.

  • Getting beyond the hypocrisy
    Hillel Halkin - Jerusalem Post - November 18, 2004  If a serious case is going to be made against terrorism, it has to be made everywhere, at all times and in all places, no matter how understandable the aspirations of the terrorists may seem or how hopeless their chances might be were they not to resort to such methods. Such a case has not been made yet, certainly not by the world that eulogized Yasser Arafat - and until it is, the war against terror is no such thing.

  • Window for War
    By Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. - Washington Times - November 16, 2004  You have to hand it to the Palestinians. They have gotten away with fabricating a nationality where none existed prior to Yasser Arafat's terrorism-backed strutting on the world stage. They have enjoyed global successes in staking historical claims to territory that clearly post-dated those of the Jews. Now, notwithstanding the fact that they and other Arabs have waged war against Israel incessantly -- via both conventional and unconventional means -- ever since the modern Jewish state was founded in 1948, they have obtained the support of even President Bush for the ultimate reward: a sovereign state of Palestine.

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  • H-hour has arrived
    by Caroline Glick - Jerusalem Post - November 18, 2004  So where does this leave the Jews who, in the event that Iran goes nuclear, will face the threat of annihilation? Crunch time has arrived. It is time for Israel's leaders to go to Washington and ask the Americans point blank if they plan to defend Europe as Europe defends Iran's ability to attain the wherewithal to destroy the Jewish state. It must be made very clear to the White House that the hour of diplomacy faded away with the European Trio's latest ridiculous agreement with the mullahs. There is no UN option. Europe has cast its lot with the enemy of civilization itself.

  • Iran goes nuclear: The handwriting is on the wall
    By Jerome R. Corsi - 2004 - November 19, 2004  The State Department has had four years under President Bush to pursue diplomatic solutions. Nothing has worked. Iran continues to march toward nuclear weapons. We do not have years more to solve the problem in Iran.

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