Newsletter #209     Friday, November 5, 2004

Weekly News & Views
"Because Jerusalem is a city where Jewish kings are buried, not Arab terrorists."
-- Justice Minister Yosef (Tommy) Lapid commenting on why Israel will permit Yasser Arafat to be buried in the Gaza Strip, but keep him out of Jerusalem.

  • Time for Israel to respect Bush - tell the truth
    Aaron Lerner - IMRA - November 4, 2004  Now that the American elections are behind us the time has come for Israel to give the man who will continue to lead the free world for another four years the credit that he deserves - and tell him the truth. And the truth is that a "sovereign Palestinian state living next to Israel in peace" is a contradiction in terms.

  • My love affair with evangelical Christians
    By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - - November 2, 2004  I am a Jew who is deeply in love with evangelical Christians. Although I am at odds with them on various issues, they today constitute the most potent force for good in all America, and the most influential constituency who consistently demands that America be a nation of justice, standing up for the persecuted and living up to its founding ideals of serving as a global beacon of freedom.

  • Allies On Israel
    By Collin Levey - - November 5, 2004  This election was a referendum on the War on Terror above all, and conservative-base turnout played a decisive role. It's time we realized that "values" voters are not just concerned with moral turpitude and religious matters, but with the broader principles that shape Judeo-Christian civilization and democracy around the world.
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  • Sharon-Arafat: Danse macabre
    Barry Rubin - Jerusalem Post - October 29, 2004  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will be remembered in the history books as the man who eliminated Yasser Arafat without killing him. When Sharon was appointed foreign minister in Netanyahu's government, he was quoted in a giant headline in the New York press: "I will never shake Arafat's hand."

  • Dismantle Refugee Camps, Not Settlements
    by Israel Zwick - - November 4, 2004  Yet, with all this support for the disengagement plan, one key question remains unanswered. What justification is there, under international law, for evicting the Jewish settlers and establishing another Islamic state in the region? Or to phrase it differently: what legal justification is there for hanging a big neon sign on the Gaza Strip that says "No Jews Allowed"?

  • November 2, 1917 - Balfour Declaration Day - October 28, 2004  "The establishment in Palestine of a National Home for the Jewish People"

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  • The Two Most Terrible Countries in the World?
    By Edward Bernard Glick - - October 31, 2004   Most Europeans, their pontificators and their polls tell us, think that America and Israel are the two most terrible polities on this planet. Not nuclear North Korea. Not near-nuclear Iran. Not the Sudan, which is practicing genocide. Not even Saudi Arabia, which besides exporting oil and terrorists peddles and bankrolls extreme Wahabism around the world.

  • One Quote Tells It All
    by Moshe Myers - - November 4, 2004  As reported in the media, the suicide bomber's mother said Arab terrorist leaders "should have sent an adult who understands the meaning of his deeds," because "it's immoral to send someone so young." In others words, she is all for sending terrorist killers to maim and murder innocent civilians, as long as the person is at an age that they can fully understand the motives behind their evil deeds.

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